Tapestries of Life….

I’ve been exploring on Word Press lately. You see, since my computer went down I mostly blog from my phone and when I recently updated my Word Press app. a whole new adventure appeared. Word Press has added a tab for “Freshly Pressed” blogs. Reading these blogs has been a great adventure! It’s actually been somewhat like reading a novel about a traveling entrepreneur of photography, cooking, writing, experiencing life….from all over the world.

Just since I’ve started reading these “freshly pressed” blogs I’ve been to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, MM; to a lived-in abandoned building that’s filled with amazing art and color; walked across a lovely bridge with the ducks at the Ngatea Water Gardens in New Zealand; been on a bike ride in the mountains of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland; walked among thousands of motorcycles at the Charm City Mods vs. Rockers show in Essex, Maryland; seen economic pests in Mississippi; and read a review on a William Faulkner book…all from the comfort of my home.

It’s been quite an adventure and has inspired me to see the world and the daily-life things around me with a different view, a different perspective…seeing life and character in the things around me. You know, those mundane things that surround you every day to the point where they don’t spark the interest of life anymore? Well, I’ve discovered that life is still there….you just have to look for it! From now on, I’m looking with eyes wide open!

We all create a Tapestry as we move through life…what will mine say about me? I want it to say that I see the good in life, that I notice and help the small, seemingly insignificant things and see potential in them, that I don’t let life pass me by, but grab hold of it and live it to it’s fullest, that I care about people and the rest of God’s creation and that I live my life under the sovereignty of the Most High One…

I used to live like this everyday…but over the last 10  years life has taken the best of me and left a not so positive shadow over me….

But that’s all about to change and I hope my writing, my outlook, and my reactions to life will reflect in whom I’m trusting and who holds the key to my perspective….

I already know what my first blog from my new perspective will be…it’s something that is in my own back yard that I’ve actually neglected over the last year when it is so beautiful that it deserves way more attention than I give it! Be watching….



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2 Responses to Tapestries of Life….

  1. lammilee says:

    Vicky this is a wonderful blog! I am looking forward to when I can blog again myself! Your perspective is fresh and alive and it wets my appetite for more. In me, and coming from you. Such as…I can’t wait until you write and show pics from your backyard ‘treasure’ that has slipped into the unnoticed or neglected category. Pics please too! I’m just being silly. I KNOW there will be pics! 🙂 Your writing is totally captivating my attention! Wonderful job! MUAH!

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