Whooooo Are We…Who Who?

I love to read and I actually have several books started….but haven’t actually finished any of them. However, one book has really caught my eye and I read half of it tonight. It was sooo good because it was about freedom to be who are were intended by God to be. It was about finding ourselves even in the confusion that surrounds us. About not losing who we are in the chaos of life and other people’s choices. It was about recognizing and responding to bad behavior…..just to name a few things….and that’s only 1/2 of the book.

The title of the book is: “Fool Proof Your Life” by Jan Silvious and I would fully recommend it to anyone who’s been in or is in a difficult relationship.

Just my two cents for the night :)…

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5 Responses to Whooooo Are We…Who Who?

  1. Sandy says:

    i liked this book too. I really like Jan Silvious. She doesnt mince words.

  2. Lisa says:

    No, she doesn’t mince words, and she’s hiliarious to boot! I love hearing her speak.

    • I read this book, and highly recommend it. Jan Silvious does a wonderful job of cutting through ‘crap’ that weighs most of us down. In fact….the new ME that you see is the outcome of learning while sitting at His feet, being empowered by the “TRUTH that sets us free”, and allowing God to go as deeply in me as was needed that I might be whole again and not fractured. This book put me on the right track toward all of that! I learned that some use ‘LOVE’ like the on/off button of a light switch….to always have things their way, demanding you line up and agree. And that much of what was coming at me, I actually enabled. And that I only had to line up with God’s unconditional, perfect love….NOT with everyone’s ‘interpretations’. So if it didn’t look like, sound like, feel like, taste like or smell like God’s definition of LOVE (Agape), I don’t have to agree and call it LOVE. And in so doing, I have walked away from ALOT of what the world (as well as people’s expectations) label as ‘Love’. Her book really helped me also to identify and
      qualify which ‘movies’ I chose to star in. And although it may sound strange, I learned that we need to give ourselves permission NOT to ‘star’ in someone else’s sick ‘movie’.

    • I have never had the opportunity to hear her speak…..I would soooo love that!

  3. Victoria says:

    Exactly, Sis. It’s a good book….painful in many way, but freeing in so many more. The painful part comes in reliving memories of bad behavior. But the freeing part is to know that we don’t have to star in anyone’s sick movie of control and manipulation. Exactly what all of us needs to know and live!

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