These kind of stories always renew my trust that there are kind-hearted men out there 🙂 . Enjoy the video. This reminds me of my sweet Sufan, the squirrel that I rescued. Sometime I’ll blog about that…

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7 Responses to Awww…

  1. lammilee says:

    Awwww….Vicky, I loved this little video! I love music my Jack Johnson and it went perfectly with this story. And it was a young MAN who had this much heart…..WOW! I’m with you….it does restore my faith that there are actually kind-hearted men out there! LOVED IT!!! And I’m so sure that you wish that Sufan would’ve continued to come back and visit his ‘mommy’. But you prepared him and gave him a chance for life that was almost taken away from him. And I believe with everything in me….that when God looks at how you honor and treasure all of His creation even to the most simple form of life…….HE SMILES BIG! To be the one who makes God smile BIG is pretty BIG all in itself. I love you so much, my sweet, tender-hearted sister! {{{Kissing your beautiful heart}}}

    • vickyvp says:

      Thanks for your sweet words, Sis! I so loved raising Sufan and although I do wish he’d still come sit on my shoulder I do see one squirrel in my yard that always lingers and looks at me while the others fly away…I’m pretty sure that’s him. I love it that I can make God smile 🙂

  2. lammilee says:

    Oops! By Jack Johnson…..not my Jack Johnson…..tee-hee!

  3. Joann Eyster says:

    I love hummingbirds, watch them all year long here in Los Angeles. We have Anna’s mostly. This was one of the sweetest things I have seen!

    • vickyvp says:

      I love hummingbirds too, Joann. I’m not sure what kind we have here, but we have a lot of them. I’ve planted my garden with the hummingbirds in mind ….love them!

  4. Sandy says:

    thanks vicky..enjoyed it very much.

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