Pain…a Friend or a Foe?

Pain is around a lot in my life. Pain and I go way back. In fact pain was there to celebrate my birth! We’re goooood friends!

I know that pain is just a part of with sin in existence, that is. Yet even with its familiarity in our lives, we all interact with it differently. Possibly the way we interact with it has something to do with what was modeled for us during our childhood. Perhaps it has something to do with our personality. Or perhaps it has something to do with Who or what we’re trusting in at the time.

Pain can be crippling, it can make us forget how to even function. Other times pain, because of its familiarity can seem like an old friend. It’s hard to imagine, but we sometimes even find comfort in our pain. We don’t want to give it up….we hold on to it tightly and protect it like a child holds onto a blankee or a favorite stuffed animal. Other times we hold it by the tail and swing it all around…hitting it on everything possible as if to punish it, yet even then we are still holding on tight, not willing to let go.

We hide behind our pain, perhaps because we are afraid that if the pain truly comes to light that it might reveal something about us that we’d much rather no one know. Perhaps it also might hold us responsible for some of the pain as well.

Others project the pain onto other people in an attempt to literally blame someone else for their pain and maybe even in an attempt to transfer the pain to the other person – kinda like a dog shakes water off her coat.

The reality of the pain is sometimes too much to bear and as we play whatever situation causes the pain over and over in our heads, it begins to envelope us and swallow us up until we can no longer see clearly and can no longer feel anything but the pain. That’s many times when we seek relief from the pain. Relief can come in many forms just like our old friend “pain”. It can come in the form of anger, in the form of alcohol, in the form of cigarettes, or chocolate. It can come in the form of abuse, cruelty, sadistic or narcissistic behavior. However we “act out” it is an attempt to escape the pain as well as a denial that it even exists.

To me this ” friend” of ours no longer sounds much like a friend.

When all along, there is One who want to heal us..His name is Jehovah Rapha. There is One who wants to be our peace…His name is Yahweh Shalom. There is One who wants to be our shepherd…His name is Yahweh Ro’i. There is One who wants to be there for us…His name is Yahweh Shammah. There is One who wants to be our strength and authority… His name is Elohim and Adonai. This same One wants to be our El Olam (unchanging stay) , our Yahweh Nissi, (our banner and defense), our El Shaddai (almighty, loving supply and comfort) , our El Elyon (our sovereignty and Strength) , our Yahweh Jireh (our provider)…just to name a few and barely scratch the surface of who He IS and wants to be in our lives. Through Him alone we can find peace in the storm.

With that kind of love in place, who needs pain? Pain is one defrauding “friend”.


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10 Responses to Pain…a Friend or a Foe?

  1. lammilee says:

    WOW Sis! Powerful blog! I’ve experienced much of this myself and lived with some pretty intense pain producing scenarios……until I said, “Enough!” And I ONLY said enough because I heard Jesus loud enough to listen to what He was saying to me. His “ENOUGH”…..was because I had stayed in a prison cell where I was the one who empowered my jailer. Jesus held the key, gave it to me….and I turned it over of my own freewill. His “ENOUGH” was because He had already paid the price for me to be free….and I let someone other than HIM hold all the cards. I’m loving the freedom I’ve experienced since echoing His “ENOUGH!”

  2. lammilee says:

    Gorgeous pics! Did you take them?

  3. vickyvp says:

    Hey Sis, yes I took both of those pictures. The first one was a sunset on the beach this summer. The second one was the clouds by my work right after a bad storm. I agree to finally say ENOUGH to the prison we allow ourselves to be trapped in is freeing. The pain doesn’t go away, but because of who God is and because of Christ’s payment on the cross, we can be free and have peace even though the storm rages around us. But oh it’s such a constant letting go to His sovereignty and trusting His love and care that keeps us in that place of peace. I must admit that I move in and out of it lately. I Know I’m standing on the rock and I shouldn’t be moved…but my knees get pretty shaky sometimes.

  4. lammilee says:

    You really did a great job capturing both pics….beach sunset and the clouds parting after a storm. I thought at first they might be pics…..I thought they were that good!

    Sis…’ve been there for me in the midst of some of my storms…..even when you weren’t capable of being 100% there. Yet you stepped up. And yes, I’ve been there for you, as well. But what I have to say right now is that my knees sooooo still get shaky, even though I KNOW how I’m SUPPOSED to be feeling/thinking/posturing/exuding, etc!

    Bottom line……it’s an individual process for each of us….and if we ‘pretend’ while we ‘shortcut’ any step of the ‘process’ that is in HIS timing alone (well, kinda based in part, on how long it takes us to get there), then we end up taking another trip around the same mountain that the children of Israel encircled for 40 yrs. LOL! It was a 2 wk. trip that took 40 yrs.!!! Sound familiar? Yeah, me too! 😉 And you are right….it IS a CONSTANT LETTING GO!

    His Heart is FOR you, and NOT against you. Same with those in your life that your heart aches for.His Heart is for THEM as well! The ‘ENOUGH’ that we line up with in our agreement that the price He paid for everything we would EVER need, and the price that would meet all the postured ‘rights’ and requirements of the enemy WAS ENOUGH……sooooo secures our freedom and the freedom of those His Heart is FOR AND NOT AGAINST!


  5. vickyvp says:

    BOOM! Haha, you’re too cute for words. I agree with you, Sis. Right now Im struggling….

  6. lammilee says:

    And there’s no amount of words that I can say to make it easier for you…..though I wish I could! But what I can say is that I’m here for you. If you need to talk, cry, yell, scream, rant and rave, fall down, pray, & get back up again…..a thousand times…..I’m here for you! I love you, Vicky.

  7. Laurie Wade says:

    Thank you for this post. I know the wisdom in it has been obtained through pain, but thank you for sharing the wisdom you obtained. I do not see a way to share this on FB or email. Do you mind if I email this post to someone who I know could use the perspective?

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