Relationship Drama…

Why are relationships so hard? What is the deal with them? I don’t know except to say that this must be the emnity that God put between man and woman because of sin. It sucks and sin sucks.

Men and women do not think alike, feel alike, bond alike, move through life alike, love alike, play alike, or speak alike. They don’t have the same aspirations or goals either. Women most often are about commitment, family and relationships and men seem to be more driven by career goals and networking, superficial things that don’t matter in the long run and control. Honestly men and women go together like oil and water…they just don’t mix. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel differently about this, but it’s been a really BAD weekend and that’s my take on it today. You spend all your life working on a relationship and you are no farther along in it … What’s the point?

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4 Responses to Relationship Drama…

  1. Sandy says:

    Ya know, I just happened to be reading Genesis today. Did you know that God put enmity between the serpent and woman…….NOT man and woman? Yeppers.
    Adam blamed his wrongdoing on both God and Eve. After God got finished handing out the consequences can you imagine their conversation? Whew!
    I don’t think God needed to PUT enmity btwn them…they managed to do that all on their own. And so it goes………………..

  2. Joann Eyster says:

    My daughter and I were just talking about this. Man’s problem is that he relies on himself and not God. He allows himself to be swayed by woman’s wiles and doesn’t always step up to lead. Women’s problem is that she is controlling and led a lot of the time by emotion. If she is not being led the way she wants to be, she steps in to take over. Then she is disappointed because she has put her reliance in man, who can’t help but fail, instead of God. So basically both sexes are not living up to their potential because they fail to rely on God, because they don’t center themselves on Him there is constant conflict in their relationship to each other. Trying to get what we need from humans rather than from God sets us up in a cycle of unhappiness and disappointment.

    • Victoria says:

      Yes I agree when both people don’t rely on God things are a mess. Not all women are controlling though, sometimes it”s the man who is extremely controlling. I also agree that both need to find their contentment and joy in God!

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