Cry Wolf Just One More Time…

I thought tornado WARNINGS were ONLY issued if there has been a tornado spotted and a WATCH was issued if conditions were “ripe ” for a tornado to form. With this system – “Lee” – they keep issuing tornado warnings because conditions for a tornado to form are high. Well,  folks,  all that does for people is cause them NOT TO HEED a warning should an actual tornado be spotted.

I was just listening to the local news and they admitted that an actual tornado has NOT been spotted,  but that conditions are there to produce one. 

Uhmmmmm…that’s a watch….it is raining hard,  and somewhat windy nothing major though…this is simply book – reading weather,  nothing more. We live in Florida…this is just normal weather :). In fact,  going to read some more in my book now – The Help see ya later…

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One Response to Cry Wolf Just One More Time…

  1. yeah, I never understood why they started calling a it a warning when they mean conditions are favorable for one. crazy. we moved from niceville to north alabama and are in tornado alley now. we have sirens here, and they go off for the whole county so we end up ignoring them.

    Loved The Help… go see the movie if you have not.

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