From Edgy to closer to the middle…

Today I finally did it. I started the process of painting my room. This room has some history…it used to be Jenny’s room. She has very specific design taste which sometimes rides the edge with it’s daring style. I love that about Jen.

So, that said, Jen’s room was kelly green, zebra stripes, beatles, michael jackson, owls, and looked really really cool! I wish I could show you a picture, but my computer is still in the shop and  I don’t have access to them, but trust me, it looked really cool.

Anyway, I’m in that room now and I don’t have Beatles pictures, zebra stripes or a lifesize poster of Michael Jackson. My style is a little more conservative…I like pictures of old houses, nature pictures, old world stuff, antiques, eclectic…more of a moss green than a kelly green kinda girl.

Tonight I got the trim work on the bottom and the first coat on the room…wanna see?


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7 Responses to From Edgy to closer to the middle…

  1. Louise Paterson says:

    mmm- serene. Funny it made oliver cough!

  2. Nice! I like it! Must be a pretty good paint to cover it with one coat!

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