Never Say Never…

Yesterday we had quite a few bags of recycling, due to the fact that I hadn’t put the recycling out for two weeks. That’s right, I said bags. We use CLEAR plastic leaf bags because we have two garbage cans in the kitchen with swing tops…one garbage can is for actual garbage and the other one is for anything that meets the requirement of recycling. We use the large black bags for the garbage…they go in the green garbage can that the city provides. We use the CLEAR bags for the recycling and we just put the filled bags, all neatly tied, on the parkway on recycling days…which on our street is Mondays.

Then on Mondays, just like clock work, the recycling truck comes around and picks up all of our recycling and leaves us very happy campers :).

Well, it just so happens that on this particular Monday the big ‘ole recycling truck came and went like normal…it even picked up everyone’s recycling like normal…everyone’s that is except ours.

So, on Tuesday, when the recycling was still there, I called to report that they picked up everyone else’s except ours. Here’s the conversation that ensued:

Her: “well you didn’t put it in the green recycle bin that we provide”

Me: “no, because we use clear plastic bags”

Her: “well, if you use plastic bags they can’t tell it’s recycling”

Me: “but we use CLEAR plastic which means they can see right through it, and we’ve been using the plastic bags for one and 1/2 years now and they’ve always picked them up until today!”

Her: “well you can’t use plastic, you have to put your recycling in the green bin”

Me: “what if I put the plastic bag in the green bin, will they pick it up then”

Her: “you are the only one I know who uses plastic bags, I don’t know anyone else.”

Me: “does that matter?”

Her: “well no….(pause)….if you put your plastic bags in the bin they will pick it up.”

So I went out and put one of the 6 large clear leaf bags on top of the green bin (because it didn’t fit inside), set the green bin on top of the other 5 clear leaf bags, and called them back to ask them to come pick it up. They came within the hour to pick it up….all of it!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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6 Responses to Never Say Never…

  1. lammilee says:

    That’s my sister! 🙂 “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” ❤

    • Victoria says:

      It just seemed so silly that they’d been picking them up for a year and one half and then suddenly one day, they wouldn’t do it anymore. Also, it seemed really silly that the only thing I had to do to get them to pick it up was to set the green bin out there with the bags of recycling….hmmmmmm

  2. lammilee says:

    Way too many moronic rules these days! I suppose that keeps the garbage people straight. Give them a color to look for define garbage and recycles.

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