Doggie Panick Attacks … and other stuff…(Sunday challenge post!)

Okay, okay, I know I’m late…but I actually fell asleep while writing this post. You see….

I have a doggie who lately has panic attacks. She has been panting and shaking and freaking out all day today. She follows me around as if I can somehow help whatever is going on inside of her. I’m beginning to think she has mental issues.

Tonite she was laying on her bed next to mine all nice and peaceful when something made her jump. Although I didn’t hear anything, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t hear anything either since she’s 14 years old and can’t really hear very well anymore.

After Lady’s panic attack tonight, I finally got her settled down again when I hear Jenny calling me. I get up out of bed to see what she wants, well that’s all that it took for Lady to start panicking again. *sigh*

Turns out Jenny had decided to give her new Veet Wax Strips a try. I guess that it hasn’t really dawned on her that it’s 12:15 in the morning. She has called me in there to pull the wax strip off of her underarm. I complain a  little about why she’s doing this so late at night…but I go ahead and peel it off anyway….nothing! I mean that the wax strip has not worked at all. I go back to bed with Lady doing her heavy breathing, pacing thing. Once again I try really hard to calm her down when I hear Jenny calling me “Mom, can you come here please?” At this point Lady is once again freaking out and following me as I go into Jen’s room and now Oliver is crying as well because his show “Yo Gabba Gabba” is over and no one has pushed the button to play the next one yet :).

Jen lifts her arm to reveal that the Veet Wax strips have not only FAILED to remove her underarm hair, but they have also left a sticky residue on her skin that won’t be removed by the “oily” wipes they provide in the box, nor by soap and water. Jenny is visibly upset by the process of what was suspose to be a simple 15 minute job that has now turned into an almost 45 minute task…compounded by the fact that it is now almost 1:00 in the morning and everyone in the house is now wide awake, Oli is crying, Lady is freaking out and has followed me into Jen’s room which started Jenny freaking out ( 😉 ) because she doesn’t want Lady in her room but Lady is extremely stubborn and won’t listen to Jenny….

At this point the only thing that keeps coming to my mind to get the sticky stuff off Jen’s underarms is GOO-GONE which I’m 99% sure will create problems much bigger than the current situation, so I don’t say anything about Goo Gone, rather I suggest rubbing alcohol. However, Jenny has already shaved the unwanted hair away and … well we all know the sting that rubbing alcohol would cause.

So there I am at 1:15 in the morning – freaking out dog at my feet (with horrible halitosis, I might add), & crying – no screaming baby, rubbing Jen’s underarms with a baby wipe…

Okay, so we finally determine that this sticky mess was there to stay unless she wanted me to rub about 3 layers of skin off. So, armed with lots of baby powder so her pj’s wouldn’t stick to her, Jen and Oli went to bed. I then attempted the same, but Lady was still in Uber freak-out mode, so I thought … “Maybe she has to go outside.” I let the dogs out and laid down on my bed (now almost 2 in the morning) and fell asleep, not waking up again until my alarm woke me at 6 am. First thought I had was “wow, Lady really calmed down” and then I realized that I’d fallen asleep and left the dogs out all night. By the look of my frazzled Lady, she hadn’t calmed down all night long, rather probably freaked out even more because she was left outside in a state of panic.

Poor girl…I couldn’t stay and calm her down because I had to get to work, so I put up the pet gate and left. Jenny hasn’t called me yet saying Lady was freaking out so she probably, finally fell asleep.

Moral of the story…don’t use Veet Wax Strips cuz they don’t work….and if you still choose to use them, don’t do it at 1 in the morning…. 🙂

*Disclaimer: btw, I would never tell a story like this on Jenny 😉  but she did give me her consent. I think she said I could tell this story because she’s so disgusted by the Veet Strips that she wants to make sure that no one wastes their money on them 🙂

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6 Responses to Doggie Panick Attacks … and other stuff…(Sunday challenge post!)

  1. Lisa says:

    Haha! It all comes from being The Mama! They ALL holler for you, even the furry ones!

  2. lammilee says:

    WOW!!! Great ‘major life drama’ blog! How are you doing on around 2 hours of sleep? I can see you now…..standing in line to buy a T-shirt that says…..”NOT THE MAMA!” NO VEET FOR ME…..THANKS FOR THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE! I have taken to using real shaving cream that lasts for days instead of the barely a day that soaping up afforded me! 🙂

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