One Man’s Junk…

You know what they say…”One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” That’s what I love about garage sales! Most of the time when I go garage sale hopping I mostly do find junk that I really don’t need. But every once in a while … hidden among all the junk … are a few treasures that stand out and catch my eye. Today was just such a day! I found 3 treasures! The first one was an antique wardrobe that was just the right size for what I need…I bought it! $100.00



The next thing was a unit that I’m going to use as a bookshelf…I bought it too… $20.00


Then I headed over to the Heritage Museum…they were having a garage sale too and bought an arbor for my garden for $5.00! The arbor is laying on its side right now, but I’m going to use it at the entrance to my vegetable garden and maybe have some bougainvillea or grapes growing over the top of it 🙂



Good garage sale day!!

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2 Responses to One Man’s Junk…

  1. lammilee says:

    Wow, Sis! You really rocked this day, didn’t you???? 🙂 So glad and proud of you for your ‘finds!’

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