“We’ve got a computer down”…



Well, my computer is officially gone on to the world beyond where all good little computers go….okay, not really, but it does need some help! I won’t say who or how, but some liquid got spilled on the keyboard.

At first it typed words that looked like this:    sxzop,):/   but over the last couple of days since it happened, things have gotten slightly better and it types most words, but won’t type punctuation, capitals or symbols and the right side of the keyboard is worse than the left side. It’s a good thing I have an app for my Android for WordPress or I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the challenge! It’s also a good thing that I bought insurance for my laptop … now I just have to find the receipt and then make a little trip to Best Buy. I’m hoping they give me a brand new one…that’s their policy, you know, that if they feel like it’s beyond repair that you’ll get a new one.

If I get to pick a new one, I think I’ll choose a lime green one, or maybe a purple or a pink one 🙂

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