They’re back!!!

And it’s not Jack Nicholson…it’s once again coming from the treetops….that noise….that very loud noise! Remember last year tbat same noise was reasonating from the tree tops.

Yep, they’re back….those Katydids are back…it’s the very noisy music of the night! Listen!

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2 Responses to They’re back!!!

  1. Lisa says:

    I can hear them but they aren’t as loud so far as last year. Last year when we’d go for a night walk we’d actually have to raise our voices in conversation and we were walking right beside one another. They were that loud!

  2. vickyvp says:

    They were noisy tonite…I videoed them with my phone and tried to upload the video, but wordpress didn’t like the my video…said it was the wrong ki.d of file 😦

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