Snuggly Red Blanket


Ever have those days when you just want to climb in bed, snuggle up under the covers and close out the world? Today WASN’T one of those days for me :). However, ever since I bought myself this new blanket for my bed, I want to climb in bed and snuggle under the covers even on days where I don’t want to shut out the world.

It’s one of those plush, really plush microfiber blankets and it’s nice and big…like totally king sized…and I love it. When I bought it, I had a choice of many colors – orange, blue, green, purple (all in different shades) and red….a nice dark cranberry/crimson red. I touched it and knew it had to be mine. I picked red and have never once regretted my color choice.

The blanket is like snuggling up with your favorite stuffed animal when you were a kid. It’s so soft and has that comforting relaxing feeling that makes one sigh with the contentment of being safe at home…and the red? Well, the red just makes me feel good.

So, good night blogging friends…I’m gonna snuggle up with my snuggly red blanket now and go to sleep :). Sweet dreams…

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