These are a Few of My Favorite Things…

Today I had to go to the base to pick up a prescription and I had to drive past where the horses are kept. I didn’t actually see the horses, and it wasn’t until I was past the road that leads to the stables that I even thought of it, but once I passed by there, I began to think of horses (like I always do when I drive that road on base).

I have wanted to own a horse since I was a little girl and although I have never had the opportunity to own a horse, that desire has never gone away. I would still love, someday, to own a horse and live on 5 acres of property out in the country.

If I owned a horse, and if I got to choose my horse from all different kinds of horses, I think that my horse would be a Bay and would look like this:

Aren’t they beautiful? I absolutely LOVE the coloring of the Bay and that would be my first choice of horses. However, if I couldn’t have a Bay, then my next choice would be the Painted Horse …

Aren’t those beautiful horses too? Honestly, horses are the most beautiful creatures!! I love to watch them run….and I love to ride them.

They are very intelligent too. When the kids were little we were staying in a motel that was right next to a pasture full of about 20 or more horses. We would take carrots out every day to feed the horses, but only one horse would venture over to the fence to get the carrots, the rest stayed at a safe distance just watching us. So we told the one horse that if he brought all of his friends with him tomorrow that we would be back with carrots and apples too. Do you know that when we approached the fence the next day (with our carrots and apples) that EVERY SINGLE horse came to greet us at the fence! I know that horse from the day before went and told all his friends that there were apples in it for them if they would come to the fence! 🙂

There’s another kind of horse that I think is soooo beautiful, but I don’t know if I’d want to own one because it is a very spirited horse. Most of the time I would choose a spirited animal over a docile, sedentary one….but with horses, I just really like the quarter horse….they are easy to ride and more suited to me.  This spirited horse is an Arabian….

Beautiful horses……

Maybe one day….soon! 🙂

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5 Responses to These are a Few of My Favorite Things…

  1. lammilee says:

    I soooo know can relate to your heart toward horses, Sis! Of those above…I love that Gray/Black Appaloosa looking one up there (the Arabian). I also loved my Makiya (which means ‘Free Spirit’ in an Indian dialect). She was very spirited, but we had a connection, like in the old TV show called “My Friend Flicka.” She was a Black-faced Blue Roan and was very statuesque at 16 1/2 hands tall. I miss her still! ❤

  2. lammilee says:

    And Vicky, I soooo want you to one day own that beautiful Bay on 5 acres! They are very pretty!
    I could post on Makiya, but as a Racking Horse, she had such an even steady gait that there was no need….you just hunkered down and became one with her as you rode. One day Sis, you will have your horse….and you two will be inseparable!

  3. Victoria says:

    Hey Candy….I remember Makiya. She was beautiful! Do you know the people that bought her? Maybe you could go visit her :)! I can totally see you having a connection with Makaiya (I love that name, btw!) You are so like me in that area (connecting with animals). Love you sis!

    I sooo miss riding horses. I hope one day!!

    • lammilee says:

      I know you miss riding! I do too, VERY much! I hate that I ended up having to sell Makiya due to her not really being rode much. I used to ride all the time…..and loved going back into the woods where we would dodge tree branches and jump creeks. One day I rode up on an extremely lush ‘pot’ crop. In the county I lived in at the time, there were always FBI helicopters circling looking for these crops. In ‘Dukes of Hazard’ land, if you are spotted on their ‘grow site’, and they go down….YOU are in extreme danger. After I asked the Lord to make me invisible and I lay down on Makiya’s neck and slowly meandered to the clearing, then flew like the wind to get home…….I discovered that where the FBI stacked all their ‘findings’ was in a country church clearly seen from my backyard. Because I had no one to go on rides with, I felt it unfair to Makiya, who loved to go on these rides, to be reduced to a life of pasture grassing.

      • Victoria says:

        Oh man….I remember you telling me about that. What a shame that people have to ruin it for others…sooo sad…the “Duke’s of Hazard” mentality!

        I’ll write more later….my computer is broken and I am writing this at work.
        Love you!

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