Princess Kiara . . .

Well, enough time has passed that I feel like I can finally write Kiara’s eulogy. Kiara is buried in our back yard right next to Joey. What a sad course of events took us to this place, but unlike with Joey, I knew it was her time to go to kitty heaven.

Kiara came to us as a 3 week old kitten. The girls and I used to volunteer our time at the No-Kill animal shelter and one day when we first arrived at the shelter some people came in with this little tiny kitten. She was soooo cute and the girls and I immediately fell in love with her. The shelter was actually full and they were going to turn these people away, so we stepped up and took her home with us. Because she was only 3 weeks old and not ready to leave her mamma (don’t know where her mamma was), we had to feed her kitten formula with an eye dropper for the first 4 – 5 weeks that we had her, then wet food and then finally dry.

Kiara fit right into our family and absolutely loved our black lab, Lady. Kiara would curl up near Lady’s head and sleep all the time. Lady and Kiara fast grew to be best friends. I wish I could find those pictures somewhere, we have many pictures of Kiara and Lady cuddling up together. Kiara even used to get up on Lady’s back/side when Lady was laying down and straddle her, like she was riding a horse. (Lady was depressed for at least 3 weeks after Kiara died. She looked for her and would not go outside without coaxing. It was sad). That’s the way Kiara layed to sleep when she was younger….legs straddled wide to the sides – it was hilarious – alas, no pictures of that time – they are on a disc somewhere and I haven’t been able to find them. However, I do have a couple of pictures of Kiara when she was young…here is one of them:

Kiara loved water. You could not even go to the bathroom without her hopping up on the sink to drink from the faucet. If you did actually make it into the bathroom and close the door before she got in there, she would scratch at the door until you let her in. She sometimes would even lay in the sink waiting in anticipation for the water to be turned on. She was this way with ice cubes and water bottles couldn’t get either without Kiara wanting some! She would drink from the lid of the water bottle and LOVED ice cubes in her water dish. In fact, at the end, I used both of those methods to even get her to drink :(.

Kiara was an indoor cat, but she love to go out in the back yard sometimes with her Lady or with me. She didn’t ever want to be left outside though and would freak out if either Lady or I came back inside and left her out there (which we rarely ever did). She did enjoy laying in the sun though when I would go outside to work.

Kiara followed me everywhere! I mean everywhere! I couldn’t be anywhere in the house without Kiara right at my heels. She didn’t really want to sit in my lap, but she would lay on the back of the chair where I was or on the ottoman where I put my feet. Sometimes she would lay next to me on the couch, but I was never in the house alone – Kiara was always somewhere nearby! Every morning she would rub my legs while I was making coffee and if I didn’t reach down and pet her or put ice cubes in her water dish, she would give me a little nip on the ankle to remind me that she was there – as if I could forget :).

Kiara was a Maine Coon with beautiful green eyes! She had a full round tail that honestly looked just like a raccoon. In fact, one time when my mom and dad had come to visit us my dad was convinced that she was the result of a cat and a raccoon getting together. Haha, I seriously could NOT convince him that was impossible, he just knew it had to be true!! lol

Kiara loved it when the Christmas tree was put up and she would always try to help by chewing on the artificial limbs, but mostly she just liked to lay underneath of it.

Kiara was a talker! She talked all the time! Sometimes I wish that she could actually voice her words with the English language so that I could understand her. I’m pretty sure we would have had many long conversations if we could have communicated in that way. Kiara had many different voices, but the one that is stuck in my memory and will always stay there is her short little “mew-mew” she would repeat that several times over whenever she wanted something, or just simply wanted our attention.

It was her need to constantly be with me or jump up on the sink and drink from the faucet that alerted me to something being wrong. Kiara slowly stopped following me around as much, she stopped showing up every morning to rub my legs and also stopped jumping up on the sink to drink water. I was actually able to get in the bathroom and close the door without her showing up at all! This was not normal, so I took her to the vet and thus started the process of trying to find out what was wrong. It seemed a mystery to the first vet we went to. I had x-rays done of her entire spine because the vet thought it might be arthritis. Nothing showed up. They put her on pain medicine anyway (prednizone) which seemed to help some, but not much. Then her appetite started to dwindle, so they put her on appetite stimulant. That helped her appetite some…

Then after about 6 months of them treating her for arthritis she ended up with a ruptured anal gland which required immediate surgery. She then had to recover from the surgery with antibiotics (which was another process in itself, because she was allergic to some of them, and others didn’t work). Because we couldn’t find the right antibiotic, they did a culture (not cheap) to find out exactly what kind of bacteria we were fighting. We finally did get her on the “right” antibiotic, but I think by this time it was too late. She had another abscess and it just wasn’t healing. In just a couple of months she went from 15 lbs to 7 lbs and did nothing but lay in her bed I had to feed her special food through a syringe and give her medicine twice a day with a pill popper. It was not much of a life for her. Meanwhile, her wound just kept getting worse….

Personally, I believe they should have removed the anal gland, it just kept rupturing. Her outside wound would begin to heal and then there’d be another rupture. It was so sad to see her go through this and I just couldn’t take it anymore. There was no sign of healing and I knew it was time to let her go. My sweet friend Kiara…I will always love and miss you! Maybe, if they had diagnosed you properly early on when we first noticed changes in your behavior, we might have been able to save you, but they didn’t and I did all that I humanly could to bring you back to health. I hope you are having fun running around with Joey now. We miss you dearly and you will always be in my heart! ❤

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8 Responses to Princess Kiara . . .

  1. Louise Paterson says:

    Lovely pictures Vicky, just look at that tail! You certainly did everything you could have done for beautiful Kiara. Love Louise xxx

    • Victoria says:

      Thank you, Louise! I do wish the vet could have diagnosed her correctly sooner and then maybe we could have saved her. But, I have to remember that they are only human and make mistakes as well. She was a good kitty with lots of personality! ❤

  2. Lisa says:

    She was a beautiful cat. It’s so hard to lose a pet. It really is like losing a member of the family.

  3. Joann says:

    What a beautiful girl she was and so well loved. I am sure she will be missed. It is so very hard to let them go. Two years have passed since we had to give up our Chai and I still get teary when someone brings him up or when someone else loses a pet.

    • Victoria says:

      Thank you, Joann! I’m sorry for the loss of your Chai. It never totally goes away, but fortunately, God designed our brains to have the pain fade and the good memories linger! But it’s never easy!

  4. What a sweet, beautiful eulogy for Kiara, Vicky. She had such a regal charm about her! And as much as she was loved….you were in return! I am so sorry for the loss of such a good companion and friend. I’m looking forward to seeing the pics of her sleeping all straddled across Lady’s back. I do remember walking in the bathroom and seeing her all curled in the bathroom sink. She wasn’t so sure she liked me being in there until I turned the faucet on to a slow trickle. Then she knew I was ‘family’.

    • Victoria says:

      Thank you, Candy! She was a very loved cat and I know she loved me in return. As soon as I find those pictures of Kiara and Lady and Kiara when she was a kitten, I will post them. Kiara was shy at first, but turning on the faucet to a slow trickle was the way to her heart! :)))))

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