Well, tonight’s challenge was interesting. Had I done this challenge a couple of days ago, I might have found real inspiration. There was a picture of an old broken-down door, however, the door design was very ornate and had a very cool element to write about. The pictures today and tonight though…hmmmmm, here’s what I had to pick from earlier today:

At first glance it’s really a pretty cool looking lobster, but as you look at the picture you realize that there’s a barbie doll in the picture and the caption talks about wanting to dance….all inspiration gone….creepiness took over.

So, I waited for picture # 2….which honestly, maybe I’m just not feeling very creative tonight….but this one wasn’t much better.

I guess it’s an angel with curly feather wings holding a star looking out over a cloudy city….but it looks a little bit anime to me and I don’t care much for anime…so, once again….inspiration gone.

Hmmm… I really that picky about what inspires me….let’s go back to that door for a minute….that inspired me to just look at it, but alas, I didn’t save that picture.

So, I thought I’d just write about the picture I chose for my blog and why it inspires me:

I actually chose this picture because it looked like a girl holding a magic wand over my writing. To me reading and writing can be “magical”….it’s a form of art to write something down in such a way that it brings enjoyment to other people who read it.  So this girl with the star wand represents the magic of writing and the magic of reading what others write. I love to read blogs because it gives you a glimpse into another person’s life. Sometimes their journey is magical, sometimes their journey is sad or lonely, but the fact that they shared it with their readers makes it magical either way because it’s all a part of their adventure in life.

Usually my biggest inspiration comes from nature…God’s creation is so amazing and awe-striking that all it usually takes to inspire me is a walk through the woods or a little trip to my own garden to look at and admire the flowers in all their intricate delicacy. Here are some pictures that are inspiring to me….

What kinds of things inspire you to write about your journey?

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3 Responses to Inspiration….

  1. Victoria says:

    oooopps!! This was Thursday’s challenge, today was about genre of music…..haha, it’s been a long day. I’ll write about the music tomorrow :)))

  2. lammilee says:

    I love your inspiration pictures, Vicky! They made me smile! Life, love, and beauty. 🙂

  3. Shannon says:

    Really like the one of the man kissing the woman, and the one of the hands. Wonderful!

    And yeah… not so fond of Barbie plus Lobster (especially since I think it’s actually a crawdad – a lobster *might* have been classy. Might.). Or, anime.

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