It Takes All Kinds…

Today was a gorgeous day in Ohio! I’d forgotten how gorgeous the weather can be up north and I must say I miss it really badly! It was one of those days that makes you want to roll all the windows down in your car, lay flat in the grass and look up at the clouds, or go for a bike ride and stop along the way to eat a crisp apple with some cheese and raisins :). It made me miss the 4 seasons!

After we’d been outside enjoying the weather, we came back to the hotel and pushed the button for the elevator. The doors opened and as we looked in we realized there was a man in there. We smiled and entered the elevator and he smiled back and said hi. He was standing in front of the controls so we couldn’t  push the button to go to our floor, but it turned out we didn’t need to because this man almost immediately asked us which floor. We said 3 and he pushed 3 even though it was already lit up. He said “I’m going to that floor too” then said “I’m Clarence your friendly elevator operator man, I used to be the door man, but I’ve moved up to elevator man.” Vee and I smiled and said “Nice” (what else do you say to that?)  Then he said “What floor are you going to?” We looked at each other and simultaneously said THREE” to which Clarence responded “Hey, I’m going to that floor too!

The elevator reached the 3rd floor and we all got out. Clarence turned to the left and started down the hall and we turned towards the right and started walking the opposite dirrection. Suddenly Clarence turned around and said “You have a nice family, YOU SHOULD SEE MINE” – to which we awkwardly chuckled and kept walking (again what do you say in response to that).

We reached our door and started to put the key in to open it when we realized Clarence was standing right next to us. I remember thinking – “where’d he come from” (as he’d walked the opposite direction from us when we’d gotten off the elevator) when he said very loudly “oh look, we’re neighbors!”.  We smiled and said “Yeah” (we weren’t very creative in our responmses 🙂 and hurried in the door, quickly locking it behind is. Poor Clarence, he was probably just being friendly, but honestly, he was creeping us out a bit.

Now whenever we leave our room or come back to our room we try to be very quiet so as not to spark any interest from our new “neighbor/elevator man/door man” 🙂

It takes all kinds to make the world go round….at least we don’t have to push our own buttons on the elevator 🙂        

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