Bee Hive – Challenge Day 6

As I was thinking about what to write for the 6th day of the blogging challenge my mind kept going to the bee hive where I work….so today’s writing will be about this wonderful yet obtrusive bee hive.

I am all for honey bees and I’m glad that the people I work with are also for honey bees because this honey bee hive is NOT the first one we’ve had here at my work. Here’s our current hive:

The one we had before this one was just as big. We had to rent a cherry picker and hire a bee keeper to get the bees down safely without killing them. I didn’t get to actually see the bee keeper smoke the bees to make them very docile so he could handle them, but I was told about it later. We learned a lot about bees from this experience….for instance, the hive needs to have a queen (which most people know), but did you know that if the hive can’t find a queen that they can create one out of any of the other bees? Pretty cool!


As I’ve already said, the hive in these pictures is the 2nd hive. After the first hive was taken away this space in the steeple was empty of bees for about 3 or 4 weeks….then almost overnight the bees came back and built another hive. The bee keeper said that these were bees from the old hive that were off getting pollen when he took their first hive down. I guess they really like this spot.

As you can see….the bee hive is really high up (about 30 feet or so), and when the bees leave the hive they fly up over the top of the building as they go off in search of pollen to make their honey. So, they really don’t pose a problem for anyone as most of the activity of people is totally on the other side of the entire building.

It was decided that this current bee hive would just stay where it is, since the expense of taking it down is pretty high and they don’t pose a threat to anyone.

By the way, if you are interested in local honey from Niceville, I’d be happy to provide the phone # of the bee keeper … he sells the honey from his house….let me know.

Well, that’s the story of our bees at work as told by me 🙂

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4 Responses to Bee Hive – Challenge Day 6

  1. Emily Heath says:

    I like the mosaic on your building. The bees can only make a queen from a young larvae btw, by feeding it richer, more sugary food than a worker larvae- lots and lots of royal jelly. An adult worker bee cannot become a queen. It takes sixteen days from the queen egg being laid to the larvae hatching and then the young virgin queen must fly up in the sky to find drones to mate with, so it’s quite a time consuming process and an anxious time for beekeepers!

    • Victoria says:

      Thank you for that information, Emily! The bee keeper had told us they could make another queen, but didn’t go into details. I’m assuming then that when he took the first bee hive down that he didn’t actually get the queen…that she was not in the hive and therefore they came back (with their queen) to form another bee hive.

      The bee keeper thought he had the queen, but obviously didn’t.

  2. Wow! Very interesting info on bees!

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