Life in the 850 … Day 3 :)

Good morning! Today is none other than Football day!! It’s the Bears and the Packers playing (Chicago vs. Greenbay)….Woooo!! I’m making special food for this game and everything! I can’t wait. To alot of people this is the biggest game in football history. This game is history…the Bears and Packers are the NFL’s longest rivalry, beginning in 1921.  However, there have been ~ 175 games between the two teams of which Chicago has won 92 and Green Bay 83. When the Bears and Packers play today, it will only be the second playoff game between the two (1941) with the winner advancing to the Super Bowl on Feb. 6. in Arlington, Texas.

2:00 pm central time on FOX…prepare to watch!!

Just so you know how I feel about this game!!























  GO  BEARS!!!!

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5 Responses to Life in the 850 … Day 3 :)

  1. Candy says:

    LOL! You are so cute!!! I love you, dear sister of mine! Just thought I’d qualify that before I said, “GO PACKERS!!!”

    Sorry but having lived in WI for years, I am a Packers fan! It will definitely be a great game! Too bad I prob. won’t get to see it! But I am very confidant that you will tell me loud and strong who won! With a track record like you just mentioned….it looks like a Bear win…..and more power to them! They are a good team!

    Have fun! Wish I was there to upset the popcorn bowl! MUAH!

  2. Victoria says:

    Hey Sis Your Packers won!! Congratulations….they are going to the super bowl!! You will have to get yourself a hot date and go to a sports bar somewhere to watch the game :))))


    Go to a friends house and watch the game…February 6th!! :))))

    I like the packers (remember I lived in Wisconsin too – maybe not as long as you did, though), but gotta be loyal to the home team…you grew up in Chicago dear….so you should always be loyal to da Bears!!!! :)))))

    Anyway….now that the Packers will be playing the Steelers for the Superbowl XLV (45) :))) …. whoa! You didn’t know that did you ? haha….which one are you gonna pick now??? Those are two of your favorite teams :))))

    I’m voting for the Steelers, since I was born in Pennsylvania 🙂

  3. Victoria says:

    By the way…the Packers/Bears game was – 21 – 14 Packers Win
    the Steelers/Jets game was 28 – 21 Steelers Win

  4. Victoria says:

    oh and …. as always GO BEARS!!!

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