Life in the 850…

It’s finally the weekend! I’m so glad!  I have felt very lazy lately, not really wanting to do much of anything…but that’s been limited to a feeling ONLY since life has been anything but slow. Everything seems to be going at a faster pace lately. I can’t seem to keep up…before I turn around Summer will be here again. I can’t bear another summer like we had last year. Man….that was so hot and humid I felt like I couldn’t breathe! I wish I could move away from here before summer hits.

This year I’m going to plant my garden. I do sooo love to garden! I’m going to plant tomatoes, cayenne peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, cilantro, dill, banana peppers. Maybe I’ll use one of my garden beds for musk melon (cantaloupe). I have 3 large garden beds on the side of the house. Last time I planted my garden, I only used one of the garden beds and I had tomatoes, cayenne peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, banana peppers, cilantro and dill all in that one garden area. This year I plan on using all three garden boxes! But currently it is a bit overgrown with weeds and I need to get out there and get it all cleaned up and ready for planting. Here’s a pic of two of my garden boxes right now….pretty right!? Where’d all these weeds come from? 😦


My Camelias in my back yard are getting ready to bloom. I can’t wait, they are sooo pretty! The weather this year has totally confused my flowers and my dogs! The Camelias are winter bloomers and need the cold weather to bloom, but our weather keeps getting warm then cold, then wamr then cold…it’s a little bit rediculous. Therefore, the Camelias are a little late, I think, and my dogs fur keeps thickening, then molting, then thickening … 🙂

Gardenias 🙂

Here’s some pictures of my doggies 🙂

Kelso and Jazmin

Lady Diana - 13 years old now

 Well, that’s it for tonight…. Mamma Mia is on and I’m gonna go watch it 🙂

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