Winter Memories….

Well, it’s almost Christmas time! This year I did most of my shopping online and therefore I am almost done! I only have two more major gifts to buy and I will be done. The gifts are actually wrapped and under the tree as well! If you know me, you’d realize that this is highly unusual for me…Ms. “Last-minute Sally”…when it comes to buying gifts. But I’m ahead of the game this year!!

I even got my tree up before Thanksgiving as well, however the outside lights are still not up, but I’m not going to let that defeat this spurge of “ahead-of-the-gameness” that has overtaken me this year :).

Three things I still want to get done before Christmas are: Paint my bedroom, get my garden weeded and fill in the holes that the doggies have dug in the back yard. I don’t think it will kill me if those things don’t get done, but that’s my goal!

I’m lovin’ this cold weather we’ve been having! I’m kinda weird that way, I know. Most people want the warm weather, not me! If I go outside and my windshield is covered in frost I’m lovin’ life! Even if I only have a Debit card to scrape the frost off with, doesn’t matter…it means it’s finally Winter. Literally my favorite time of year! Even as I’m typing this I can hear the wind howling outside with a nice nip-to-your-nose in the air! Love it!! Some of my favorite memories are going outside as a kid to play in the snow for hours and then finally coming inside soaked from head to toe from the wet, lake affect snow (I grew up in the Chicago area…very wet, heavy snow – excellent for making snowmen!). We’d take off all the wet layers, put a few dry layers back on and then with cold rosy cheeks, cold hands and feet, we’d snuggle up with a blanket, sip hot chocolate and talk and laugh about all the fun adventures in the snow that day!

I lived on the Little Calumet River, so our back yard had a dike at the end, right before the river, to keep the water from overflowing into our yard during flood season. To look at this river during the normal part of the year you’d think it was silly to have a dike to hold flood waters back. But, let me tell ya…when the snow melted or if we had an unusual amount of rainfall, the river filled up very quickly and would rise to the top of the dike overnight.

This particular year we had a massive amount of snow fall late December, then a great melting due to suddenly warmer temperatures, which made the river rise to the top of the dike like normal, but this time a section of the dike broke and water poured into our backyard, into the streets, and totally filled a small park that was down the street from our house. The only way to navigate the streets at this point was by boat….that lasted for a couple of days and then the temperature plummetted again, which froze the streets to create a big iceskating rink for the kids (nightmare for all the parents :)).

We had such fun that year, iceskating in our back yards, in the streets…what a riot! Then a group of us kids decided to go down to the park and try out our iceskates. There was about 5 feet of water in the park that had frozen over…like a small lake for us to skate on. Everything was going along fine until about 10 of us kids decided to gather in one spot to get a picture. The ice was fine with the individual weights of the kids, but putting 10 kids crunched together in one spot long enough to take a picture was more than the ice could handle and…well… can probably imagine what happened next. Yep, the ice broke and several of us fell in up to our necks. Whoever was taking the picture snapped it anyway and captured half of the group scrambling to get away from the breaking ice and the other half falling in 🙂  … great picture by the way…if I can find it, I’ll share!

I love love love Winter and have soooo many good memories of this season of the year. I would love for whoever reads this blog to take a minute and share a Winter story of your own. It doesn’t have to incude snow or even cold weather….just wherever you lived at the time your favorite Winter memories were created.

Happy Winter….go out and enjoy and create memories!  :))

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9 Responses to Winter Memories….

  1. Candy says:

    I loved hearing your Winter memories and the stories that accompanied those precious memories! It really is kind of incredible how children in their resiliency, will take most catastrophes as a golden opportunity for an adventure, while the adult world has taken a ‘hit’. You have inspired me to tell a few Winter stories of my own. Your writings are always funny, inspiring, informative, or they make me think and ponder. Love you Sis!~

    • Victoria says:

      Hey Sis…thanks! You are right…if we could always see life through the eyes of a child our world would be such a better place! We wouldn’t get all stressed out about our problems…we’d turn them into fun adventures! Hmmmm…. “faith as a little child” :)))))

      BTW…where’s your Winter memory? You’re spose to leave one behind :)))

  2. lammilee says:

    WOW! Aren’t you the ‘together’ one! I am very impressed and admittedly envious! Thanks for sharing a piece of your bustling life with a sense of awe, wonder, and success! YOU DO ROCK, SIS!!! Lots of love for Christmas and the year to follow!

    • Victoria says:

      Awwww…thanks! I don’t expect it will last the whole year, but for now, I’ve got my act somewhat together! I do wish we could be together for Christmas though!! I miss you! ❤

  3. Louise says:

    I remember feeling sorry for the swans on the canal. I was about three and the canal had completely frozen. The swans were just slithering about and must have had such cold feet. I empathised because I had sucked my mittens until they were wet and they froze too!

    • Victoria says:

      Awwww… Louise, those poor swans! How sweet that you felt sorry for them! I’ll bet they were having more fun than you realize sliding around on the ice 🙂 I remember feeling sorry for this one duck who had sat down on the the edge of the Potomac River and slept with his feet just in the water, but the next morning the water had frozen and his feet were frozen solid in the ice…I felt sooo bad for him, but there wasn’t much I could do. Fortunately, by noon the ice had thawed and he was off for a swim! Whew…if it hadn’t I think I would have gotten some warm water to melt the ice and freed him…

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