Day 139…

I am not promoting this site…I don’t know these people…but I saw this video and it sure does make you wonder exactly what is going on down there, under the water, on the ocean floor!

I’m not trying to be a fear-monger, or state things that aren’t true. But even on the live feed you can see oil leaking from the ocean floor. I just would like to know the truth about what’s going on down there. BP should simply tell us…make their journals public…let us know how much oil is still leaking…tell us if methane gas is leaking.

Then there’s another concern…what are the long-term effects of Corexit (the chemical agent that BP has poured into the Gulf of Mexico in HUGE amounts in order to breakup the oil). BP says it’s safer than common dish soap….but a marine toxicologist says that it’s extremely toxic and bursts red blood cells…

and BP says:

I don’t know…but I think I’m staying out of the water…just be be safe. I’m sad though about what this has done to our region, to our people, to our animals, to our wildlife and marine life. Just how many years before everything is back to normal? 😦

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