BP & US Government…a toxically malignant relationship

My heart is heavy as I write this post. It seems that the more research I do, the more disheartening the news is. I had no idea that our government has had this malignant relationship with big oil companies. Just what are they getting from this kind of narcissistic malignant self-love by going to bed with big oil companies? I’m pissed off to say the least at what I’m finding as I research. I guess I’ve had my head in the sand long enough. This destruction for the sake of crude oil cannot be allowed to continue. Here are just three of the news stories out there right now…believe me, there are tons more, I just don’t have time to list them all right now. Please take the time to look and see what destruction of our land/waters/wildlife is going on all in the name of big business and money!

Oh and not to mention the fact that they are now saying that the A Whale (Taiwanese-owned giant skimming vessel) has been declared not worthy to pick up the oil in the Gulf…really? Hmmmmm…the real story is “how much money will it cost BP to use this ship that could clean up the oil effectively”) .. just how stupid do they think we are? 

Okay, back to BP’s destruction across our country, let alone what they might be doing in the rest of the world (haven’t checked that out yet)…

1)  BP granted an exemption from state environmental laws to allow the company to dump more toxic waste from its refinery in the northern part of Indiana into Lake Michigan… see what the Chicago Tribune has to say about it…

2)  US Government’s Wild Horse Round up in Nevada for a 700 mile (6 feet deep/8 feet wide) BP Pipeline to go through pristine wild horses habitats from Wyoming to Oregon going through Utah & Nevada as well …. take a look at the video here

3) And then last (for today), but certainly not least…please please please don’t swim in the Gulf (not sure you should even play in the sand)…the water (and the sand) is toxic …take a look at this report from  News 5 out of Mobile, AL. The story, as well as videos are here. The water is toxic for sure, but the sand is even more toxic!!

Not sure what this toxic relationship that BP and our Government have…but I think it’s high time that we the people rise up against it and put an end to the destruction of our land, our water, our wildlife and our own health!!

That’s it for today, my sister is coming to visit (yeah!!) gotta get the house cleaned!! Later…

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2 Responses to BP & US Government…a toxically malignant relationship

  1. Adrienne says:

    I was not aware that my area was being affected directly by this abomination. I’m very upset about the Gulf Coast, and now my own coast is being turned into a toxic wasteland. I know EXACTLY where the BP refinery in Whiting, Indiana is, and how close it is to the Lake Michigan coast. Whiting already smells like a dump because of BP’s refinery, and the stench often drifts all the way out to Highland. Whiting would be a cute, quaint, historical town if it wasn’t for the refinery ( I have always felt this way), and now it’s just going to get worse. I should go out to BP in Whiting with a huge sign protesting all that they do. No kidding, there.

    Great post, Aunt Vicky. I’m with you all the way on this.

  2. Victoria says:

    Hey Adrienne…thanks for your response. I remember that Whiting smelled like a dump even back when I was there for Dad’s funeral, so I can only imagine what it smells like now. I agree with you….I always felt that way about Whiting too, it is a cool little town and would be an awesome place to visit – if not for the refinery! It’s sad how big companies can come in and take over an area and the people don’t really have much to say about it. Well, this time the people are talking … boycott BP! BTW, you don’t have to worry about the little business owners (who run the BP stations)….from what I’ve read, BP is compensating the owners who sell their gas… (http://www.nola.com/news/gulf-oil-spill/index.ssf/2010/06/bp_giving_financial_help_to_st.html) – if you google that subject you’ll find a lot more articles –

    I’d be right there next to you with a protesting sign, Adrienne!!

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