Day 90… *sigh*

We’re at Day 90 and the well has been closed for 2 days and testing has begun. No oil is spilling out but the pressure has not risen to the “above 7,500 lbs per sq. inch” yet. Right now the pressure is 6,700 lbs. per sq. inch. There are two scenarios to explain the possible reason for the pressure in the well not being high enough. 1. One is that so much oil has already been released into the Gulf of Mexico that there just isn’t enough oil left to bring the pressure up. 2. The other theory is that there’s a possible leak under the ocean floor (not a good scenario….btw). Tests continue to see what the integrity of the well is….stay tuned!

Here are a few videos for your viewing pleasure 🙂          

msnbc report #1

msnbc report #2

cnn report

Live feed so you can see for yourself

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