Day 87… Let’s check the Integrity of the well…we already know BP has no integrity…

Four days ago BP removed the old cap on the well and fit a new one on top. Now they will test the cap & well itself to see if the “integrity” of it is good enough to actually close off the flow of oil from the top of the new cap … lots of stories are out there about the integrity of the well and what could happen if it blows … *sigh* … let’s just hope it holds and contains the oil and gas under the ocean floor!! Well, just as we easily could have guessed…BP has put off the testing so they can review the testing procedures! :/  Yeah….okay then….

Here’s a link to the video and the article…

Then here’s live feed of several different cameras that are down there! Take a look…

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2 Responses to Day 87… Let’s check the Integrity of the well…we already know BP has no integrity…

  1. Candy says:

    Hmmmmm……just kinda curious as to how a ‘test’ would work, unless they could duplicate the existing weakened intregrity of the well to begin with…..and do they really know just how weakened it really is….it could be even worse than they are ‘positively’ projecting. So they would need to test from the worse case scenerio and not the best……Ya know? Not to mention the use of inferior parts to finish the project with when they ran out of the better parts. UGH…soooooo many variables!!!

  2. Victoria says:

    Yeah…ugh is right! I guess the way they are testing the well is to measure the pressure per square inch (psi) . The pressure needs to be above 7,500 psi to pass the integrity test, however, the pressure has remained at 6,700 psi which could be caused by one of two things: 1) So much oil has already leaked into the Gulf that there isn’t enough to create a higher pressure. 2) There’s a leak underground (this one is not a good scenario).

    So we wait. The information that I have given you up there comes from msnbc & cnn on July 1th…..

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