Day 83 Gobbledygook…

Please watch this video…where Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), fights to get a bill passed that would STOP the use of Corexit in the Gulf (YES!!!!) … but as you watch him plead his case very compellingly…also notice (at the end) how the other two guys very politely say “We don’t give a sh*t” … “Mr. Nadler in his very unique, keen, legal analysis of all the measures come before this committee….and found the word Safely attached to section 311D, but the word safely, it is not clear whether it applies to subsection B & C … I agree in principle, but I think there are some features to which we should respectfully give further consideration…and I would respectfully ask the gentlemen to withhold until we have had a little bit further discussion and bring the EPA into this discussion….” 

Oh my goodness…a bunch of gobbledygook to basically say, “We don’t give a sh*t”…

Really? The EPA has to get involved in this discussion when the EPA has already asked BP to STOP spraying corexit on the Gulf….BP said flat out – “NO, we won’t stop” .  They are just simply twisting and manipulating words and their politeness to each other simply makes me want to puke….

Then, to put icing on this soooo delicious, toxic cake….get what Congressman Nadler’s response was: “While I appreciate the gentleman’s appreciation and general agreement with the amendment and I appreciate the desire for some additional discussion before it goes to the floor…I will say it is true that sections B & C of section 311 do not reference safety and that’s part of the problem….I will withdraw the amendment at this time…”

Really? This amazes me? Section 311 subsections B & C have to mention safety for us to consider being safe!?!?!? I’m confused…wait, you mean that Section 311 subsections B & C don’t mention the word safety, so we don’t have to worry about keeping the American people safe, nor keeping the environment safe, nor keeping the animals, whales, dolphins, birds, environment safe….OH, now it’s clear!! I gotcha loud and clear!!! You don’t give a sh*t”!!

At least Nadler does say that the EPA is to blame for never following through and does say the health of the Gulf and it’s people is at risk and shows some urgency at the end! Whew….I feel safe now!

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2 Responses to Day 83 Gobbledygook…

  1. Candy says:

    Definately ‘Gobbledygook!!!!’ Way to cut through the CRAP, Sis! Wish it were not so true!

  2. Victoria says:

    Thanks Sis…I wish it wasn’t true too. I can’t believe how easily he withdrew his amendment with so few worthless words thrown at him…’s like it was all a game for the public to make us think they are doing something, when in reality even the smallest loophole (the fact that sections B & C of secti0n 311) didn’t mention the word “safely” …. therefore we don’t have to be safe?? Oh, I forgot, we’re all BP robots!

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