Toxic water…

funny thing is…the water isn’t necessarily toxic from the oil, rather from the Corexit!!

Take a look at these two brave guys who crossed the BP Barricade to bring us the truth!

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4 Responses to Toxic water…

  1. morris says:

    The Corexit – is just to hide it

    • Victoria says:

      Yeah, I believe that too. They are only creating a bigger problem by using it because it is dropping to the bottom. Instead of corexit, they should have gotten the skimmers out there a whole lot sooner! This happened in April and we didn’t get approval for the skimmers until the end of June???? What’s up with that? It just kills me how much oil they let gush into the gulf while they debated whether or not they should pick it up with skimmers. In all their wisdom they decided to just sink it to the bottom so they could kill off the shrimp too…why just hit the whales and the dolphins??

  2. Candy says:

    So then…’s just a matter of time, current and storms that bring all of this high level of toxicity to your shores, Vicky……. and then around the tip of Florida heading North along that shore as well? Actually, the toxicity level is altered enough in your area because you are experiencing some respiratory/allergy symptoms that you otherwise would not be. I saw a video clip about a week ago of the Destin beach, and all these tar balls were already there in abundance. But since Corexit was used from the start, then it also is present with the tar balls washing in! Once airborne, could this not create some major issues for the health of the people in your area too, not just the New Orleans area?

    • Victoria says:

      Hey Candy, I would say that if you see tar balls then there’s corexit with the tar balls….after all, it’s the corexit that turned the oil into tar balls to begin with. The workers, or locals (I’m not sure which) are cleaning up the tar balls. If you look on my facebook…the pictures that I posted on Monday, July 5th where I found the dead fish and a few tar balls is the same beach as the video that I posted of the family on vacation in Ft. Walton where all the oil is washing up on shore. Their video was shot about 8-10 days before my pictures were posted…So you can see that the tar balls are getting cleaned up but you know the chemicals have to still be in the water. I’d like to take a sample of the water and have it tested….not sure where to go for that.

      If you watch the video before this one where I thank BP for making me a guinea pig for them…that talks about the corexit being airborne..

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