Don’t be fooled…all that glitters is not gold! Day 80

“Because this disaster is unfolding beneath the surface, it is occurring out of sight.” **

“Underwater clouds of oil and methane gas have now been confirmed as originating from the BP blowout after weeks of denial. One of these clouds encompassed an area the size of San Francisco and 600 feet thick was found at 3,000 feet or more beneath the surface.” **

“High quantities of methane and very low oxygen levels were also reported in the cloud. This means organisms in the sea are suffocating and explains why microbes that require oxygen to break down the oil are not cleaning the spill naturally.” **

“So, as the oil rises, the entire water column becomes degraded. Add dispersants to this, and you have a toxic stew killing millions upon millions of marine organisms.” **

“Massive quantities of dispersants (1.28 million gallons on Day 58 – we’re now at Day 80 of the spill) are being used at both the wellhead (5,000 feet deep) and at the surface of the ocean.”**

These are just a few quotes from ** Gulf Breeze News, Your Community Newspaper

The beaches may be getting cleaned up regularly, but death lurks beneath the water…

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