My Faith in God and in Mankind has been renewed…

Take a look at this facebook event/page. These people are from Iowa (our great midwest) and are raising support and making people aware of our oil disaster here in the Gulf Coast. I can’t even begin to tell you how this has touched my heart and moved me to tears! God is good…He’s got this oil gush in the palm of His hand…He’s recruiting people to help and make aware.

I’m going to highlight two groups here (they are also receiving a Bravo! Award from me :))

The first group is from Iowa (great State btw…I lived in Ames, IA for 5 years) . Three guys: Dan Gillitzer (Prairie Du Chien High), Joshua Moris (Wisc Platteville), Jeff Lenhart (creator) are raising suport for the Gulf Coast on this facebook website . Hats off and heartfelt appreciation to you guys and to your great state!! Bravo!

The second group I’d like to highlight is: U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service who have started a program that would pay farmers  in eight states (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Texas) to begin flooding as many as 150,000 acres of fallow fields this summer and harvested fields this fall in order to attract migrating birds away from the oil-soaked marshlands of the Gulf Coast. Bravo!

All I can say is Thank you!! I’m praying for extreme blessings from God on these two groups! You have touched my heart!!

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2 Responses to My Faith in God and in Mankind has been renewed…

  1. Candy says:

    How wonderful to hear that there are people out there that by their actions, (not just their words), display the kind of humanity that empathizes, warms the heart and brings hope to others who are beginning to feel overwhelmed with all the ramifications of this oil spill on their lives and livlihoods! I agree with you, Vicky…..these two groups receive a hearty BRAVO from me as well!

    If our great Constitution were truly allowed to be represented BY THE PEOPLE, instead of politics we would feel more empowered and the world would see a different America. WE THE PEOPLE……ARE NOT ‘POLITICS!’

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