Censorship at it’s Best…Day 75

Hey, the first amendment is just a bunch of words anyway, not a commitment by our country to honor its citizens, right? Why should we be concerned??

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.[1]

What? Those words were meant to protect people? Hmmm….seems BP has the power to waive the First Ammendment….really? Is BP controlling our government? Is that why the cleanup efforts are soooooo SLOW? Is that why our government has refused the skimmers offered to us by the world that could at least keep the gushing oil in check and stop the flow of death that is happening on a daily basis in the Gulf?

What that little old piece of paper? It doesn’t mean anything, BP is in charge now. That document that you see up there is just an old out-of-date piece of paper that doesn’t apply anymore because our government has sold out to an oil company. Yea, isn’t that great? An oil company who wants to take away our way of life. It doesn’t matter that they are destroying every ounce of precious life that ever existed in the gulf! Doesn’t matter that our beautiful white sand beaches and our crystal-clear emerald 86 degree waters are black with oil. Nawww….we’ll just turn away those skimmers that could keep this whole thing in check until they can get the oil stopped at the bottom of the ocean…. (if that one isn’t showing the oil gushing out, then try this one )

Instead, let’s give BP the power that way our government leaders can still enjoy their 4th of July celebrations, maybe take in a golf game or a barbeque and a beer with friends and family….oh and while we’re at it, we’ll also limit access to what is really going on by not allowing reporters to see the real/true story! Yea!! That’s the ticket! Oh but, we wouldn’t want to close the beaches so that people aren’t swimming in the oil or walking through it …. no, because we really don’t care about the health of the individuals in the gulf (children included), all we really care about is our own butts. We want to take a pretty picture so that we look good…yeah! that’s it!!

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6 Responses to Censorship at it’s Best…Day 75

  1. morris says:

    This explains what they are covering up!

    BP’s secret 3rd Oil Spill – The Big One

    • Victoria says:

      Thank you for your post….there are so many secrets with BP that it’s a little scary. Why they just can’t be upfront and honest about the whole thing, I don’t know. I think the public would be less angry if they’d just be honest. Cover ups are NEVER good!

      • morris says:

        They are deliberately concealing the truth. It is probably normal corporate mentality, but this time there might be MegaCrimes involved.

  2. lammilee says:

    The ELEPHANT behind the mouse? Vicky……get away from there and up here, please!!!

    • Victoria says:

      That’s weird that I had to approve your comment….you must have signed in here at the comment page rather than signing into your account first and then posting.

  3. Victoria says:

    Hey Candy,

    I like the way you put that…”the Elephant behind the mouse” 😀

    Thank you for the open door! I’ll know when it’s time to leave, if that time comes! But thank you for giving us that option!!

    I love you!

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