Day 74 – Aerial View of the Gulf Water…or should I say Gulf Oil

Oh my gosh, I can’t stop the tears….this is complete madness, there’s sooo much oil out there in the gulf…take a look at this video. What have we done to allow offshore drilling. Our beautiful Gulf waters are absolutely COVERED in oil and the dolphins & whales are dieing. Is this going to kill all the animals/fish/…birds in the Gulf? We’ll be reduced to black ugly dead water? Why aren’t there huge skimmers out there to clean this up? I’ve read plenty of articles that said we’ve been offered skimmers from all around the world to help clean this up and guess what Obama said “No, we don’t need them” or whatever he said, he refused them. WHY??? I want to know why???? I’ve heard different stories, but one of them is that “our hands are tied because this is BP’s area” WHAT? This is our Gulf…this is not BP’s Gulf…we need to step in and help with cleanup!!!!

I’m extremely pissed off about this. Why are they doing this? Are they trying to kill off all of our life here in the Gulf? This is insane, it’s criminal…the people responsible for this should be sent to prison for the death they have brought on our land and on our wildlife and on our people that live here….it’s black Death and it saddens and sickens me!! We need a miracle from God!

Please watch this video. A pilot decided to take his plane over the open waters … oh no, the “forbidden open waters” of the Gulf. BP forbids anyone to fly over this….REALLY? Now they control the air space above our Gulf too?? Unreal…Anyway, he broke BP’s law to do this and I’m so glad he did…this gives us an idea of how bad it really is:

It is killing me. Everyday I think …okay today I’m not talking about this…but then I see another video of dolphins struggling to breath or pelicans completely black with oil and I’m sckened. And they are trying to burn it off…instead of using the huge skimmers that have been offered to us they are burning off the oil and burning off the methane gas. What is that going to do to not only the wildlife, but to us? To our atmosphere? What is wrong with these people? Don’t you have to know what you’re doing if you drill an oil well? Please DON’T drill any more wells BP unless it’s in your own back yard.
No wait….even in your own back yard you will end up destroying the world and I love your country so no…don’t drill in your back yard either because I DON’T want the animals/whales/fish and people in England to die.
Just to remind you of the Gush, not spill of oil that is invading our Gulf…..take a look at this again:  live feed from the bottom of the ocean
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3 Responses to Day 74 – Aerial View of the Gulf Water…or should I say Gulf Oil

  1. Victoria says:

    Interesting enough…BP adjusted their camera so it’s not focusing on the massive amounts of oil that are gushing into the Gulf daily…but don’t let what you see fool you…this is 60,000 barrels (2,520,000 gallons) of oil a day gushing with a mighty force into our Gulf waters. The oil is mixed with Methane gas…and BP is only collecting 1/3rd of the oil and trying to burn off both the oil and the gas…Hello!! Wake up Obama….take control of this before our ocean is dead and we are all sick from the toxic gasses!!

  2. Beth Van Dyche says:

    It really is hard to understand how this has gone on so long and how it seems that very little is being done about it. The video was shocking and upsetting. I understand why you have to keep talking about it!!!

  3. Victoria says:

    Thanks Beth. Yes, I’m amazed and appalled that very little is being done about it. It’s almost like they want the Gulf to fill up with oil. What is this a terrorist attack? Makes you wonder….

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