Toxic Air?? Day 73

You decide … here’s a news report from Louisiana

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2 Responses to Toxic Air?? Day 73

  1. Candy says:

    When I gave your video clip a 5 star rating… wasn’t because I ‘LOVE, LOVE, LOVE’
    the alarming news that it provided….but because you dared to bring what is being hidden or left unreported to the light. It really disturbs me that there are soooo many that are sticking their fingers in their ears, saying: “La, la, la, la, la!” Even more disturbing though, than people hiding their head in the sand in avoidance, as if by doing so will somehow magically make this go way… the fact that people are already suffering some health issues out of this, and there hasn’t been an official report or warning to the people in these regions. So…..are they waiting for the SOLID evidence to appear in great numbers? Evidence such as nuerological, heart, respiratory skin reactions or birth defects first? I am so pissed at these uncaring people in charge of sitting on this information at the risk of countless, unsuspecting people in every coastal region.

    I am afraid for family who lives there. I am afraid for my sister, & for my young, beautiful & vivacious nieces….one of whom is months away from bringing a baby into the world. I am afraid that a whole generation of our young people will be dealing with these issues in the years to come. Cancers from toxins that enter and corrupt at the cellular level, compromising their health in ways we haven’t seen yet.

    Oh Lord, please forgive the arrogance of a superior, all-knowing attitude coming from BP, and our government. Please forgive the arrogance of men who put innocent people in harms way… that, their agenda can be pushed through! And please give my family the wisdom they need to make the choices they need to, since those in authority have decided that the health and well being of the people in these regions is expendable.

  2. Victoria says:

    Hey Candy!
    Thank you for your comment and for your prayers and your 5 star rating (I knew what you meant…it just means you like or agree with the post)! I have heard (just this morning) that the CDC (go to CDC website) is in the area checking on toxic gas levels. We’ll see if we hear anything on the news or from the health department. BTW, just a side note…this would be the same health department who made me put my dog in quarantine because she snapped at a puppy…where are they now??????

    Okay, back to the issue. I was telling the printer repairman today that I’ve seen reports that the toxic gas levels are higher than the tolerated levels are spose to be, etc. and you know what his response was? “We don’t have toxic gas in our area…that’s not going to happen” But, honestly, that really doesn’t surprise me because that’s the response I get from most people until they actually get online and watch the live feed (Click here to see it)or watch a video that shows the extent of the damage and all the life lost (Watch You Tube video), or do a little research to see what is really out there (not what BP or the government are telling/hiding from us) , then they will stick their head in the sand and pretend it’s not as bad as it is.

    Honestly, if people even just went to this site (Industry that would be enough to light a fire under them.

    I’m afraid for our Gulf waters, the people on the coastal areas, the businesses, the animals, the fish, the mammals, the birds….it’s all soooo extremely sad. But I do know that God is still in charge…not BP or our government! I trust Him and I know He has a plan even if I can’t see it right now.

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