Oil Spill…Day 70??

Believe it or not, I was actually going to write about something else besides the oil spill! However, I was listening to the news and was taken back by what they were saying… 65,000 barrels of oil a day are spilling into the Gulf. Last I’d heard it was 5,000 barrels a day. Either BP was lying about how much oil was leaking or the leak is getting much worse. BTW…at 65,000 barrels of oil a day that’s 2,730,000 gallons a day and over the course of the 70 days – 4,550,000 barrels or 191,100,000 gallons of oil!! This is soooo sickening!! Can you imagine walking down to the beach and standing there pouring 191 million gallons of oil into the ocean!?!? I’m soooo sad 😦 😦 😦 😦

We have reached Day 70 of the spill. There has already been a suicide of one of the fishermen who lost his fishing business due to the oil spill. The State of Louisiana has requested $10,000,000 for mental health issues. They are getting 10+ calls a day and don’t have enough doctors to keep up with treating everyone. Guess what BP said? They said “No”. Hmmmmm….just why doesn’t that surprise me.

On top of all this oil in the Gulf (65,000 barrels (or 191,100,000 gallons) pouring in a day), guess what is out in the Gulf now? Yep, a hurricane…well, a potential hurricane. Currently it is Tropical Storm Alex, but due to the temperatures of the Gulf Waters (86+ degrees F.) they are predicting that it will turn very quickly into a hurricane. It looks like it is heading towards lower Texas or Mexico now which would actually send strong winds and waves towards Louisiana and this oil that is out there now could end up in the Marshes of Louisiana.

This is craziness! I want to know just why we are even at Day 70 and the oil is gushing out at a rate of 65,000 barrels a day. This may be exaggerated (I heard this number on CNN tv news tonight) it might be more like 11,000 barrels a day (I read that number on the New York Times website dated June 7th), it could be the 798,000 gallons a day (estimate of federal authorities) of which BP claims they are able to capture 250,000 gallons of oil a day (only 31% of what is spilling into the Gulf) from a containment cap installed on the well to a drilling ship on the ocean surface (which I read on CNN’s website the report from June 5th, 2010).

Okay, let’s figure this up, since there are 42 gallons of oil in a barrel, the federal government’s estimate of 798,000 gallons a day is equal to 19,000 barrels a day pouring into the Gulf. If BP is collecting 250,000 gallons a day = 5,952 barrels a day – like they claim to be doing – that leaves  13,048 barrels of oil still pouring into the Gulf! BP…we are sooooo grateful, brilliant job!! {*in case you can’t hear it, there’s sarcasm in my voice*}

As we all continue to watch oil soaked birds and dead fish come in to shore, I wonder just when it will all end. Once it does end and BP goes on about their business the Gulf Coast will never be the same and the people will never be the same…. 😦 😦

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    Chances of Oil Spill being sabotage

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