Flamable water or is it gas?

The unreported catastrophe.

hmmmm…enough gas coming out of your kitchen water faucet that it lights  on fire?? Something’s wrong with this picture!!

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2 Responses to Flamable water or is it gas?

  1. H.B. Christopher Hansen says:

    The trailer on flammable water reminds me of how the underground water on the Navajo Nation became contaminated with radioactive isotopes when an energy company mined for uranium. The blasting also caused MANY surface lakes to fracture and disappear…….

  2. Victoria says:

    That’s awful, Chris. I don’t understand why there aren’t more regulations on these companies. I also don’t understand the greed of man that he doesn’t even consider the people involved and the environment, let alone the next generation that has to use these resources to survive as well!!

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