Gulf Coast…how will it end?

My sister recently made me privy to a video which revealed some information that I had no idea about and I think probably most people don’t even realize. If this information is true, then Florida, Louisianna, Alabama…we’re all in trouble. The potential for danger is so real that it’s actually making me have to consider moving away from this area.

Take a look at this video. It’ll take about 20 minutes total to watch…there are two videos on this link (which takes you to You Tube). This is really scary if it is true!

Here’s the link:   A Deadly Bubble?

If this situation is true, then this is a very scary situation for Florida! They are saying that the oil well that is leaking has not been properly drilled to begin with (let alone the fact that BP was warned that it wasn’t a good idea to begin with) and there are oil-leaking fissures all around the drill site, PLUS a massive bubble is forming from the pressure of the gas below the surface that if it erupts will not only release toxic gas over our area, but also would create a sunami over Florida! GREAT! Thanks BP!!

This is HUGE on sooo many levels! First of all the states/countries along the Gulf are already beginning to suffer because not only is it destroying the Gulf waters, the beaches, industry, jobs, people’s lives, animals lives, plant life, fishing, swimming, the beautiful white sand beaches, the beautiful crystal-clear emerald water…and that’s enough!….but now the potential to kill millions of people, destroy the land, their houses, entire communities exists…all due to stupidity and greed!! This is appalling! I’m outraged!!

How could this happen? Who “allowed”/gave permission to BP to drill here in the first place, especially if the bottom surface was not totally known (the strength, pressure that already existed, etc.). God help us for our stupid greed!

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8 Responses to Gulf Coast…how will it end?

  1. Lisa says:

    I listened to this a night or two ago, I don’t remember which. And in the end, I am left with one conclusion and conviction: I can’t control this, and God IS in control, so my best plan of action is to be anxious for nothing but even in THIS SITUATION be grateful and lift my requests to Him in confidence that His love for me never fails. If I take any other position I will succumb to fear, fretting, and panic– none of which will benefit me, change the situation, or further the kingdom.

    Living life these days requires more and more focus and purpose, doesn’t it? Can’t just drift and hope the current will take you anywhere good.

  2. Victoria says:

    I agree with you Lisa…..God is in control! You are right, we need not panic. But moving out of this area has certainly crossed my mind 😛

    I do think though, that if this is true then they really need to be taking another approach to take care of this bubble before it erupts. And if they can’t…what? Are they just going to sit by and watch it happen without at least warning people?

    We don’t even know if this is really true, however, if you read any of the articles about this BP oil rig, it seems that the authorities (engineers, etc.) thought there might be a reserve of methane gas under where BP drilled their rig and they warned BP that this might be the case and this wasn’t a good area to dig their well. I know that at this point, this is a case of “woulda, shoulda, coulda”….or plain ‘ole stupidity on the part of BP….and there’s nothing we can do about that. However, how about HONESTY….how about tell us what is really going on rather than allowing us to think that it’s only an oil spill that will be eventually contained and we can go back to our old way of life. I’m just not sure that is ever going to happen!

    I want to know the truth about this situation and I won’t settle for less! It’s not right that some stupid, money-hungry oil company can do this to our Gulf and still continue to hide things from us. It’s time to fess up!!!!

  3. Candy says:

    Vicky…..I so agree with your statements. I know that God is in control….and when all around us crumbles in deceptions and lies with HUGE agendas in place…..we can ALWAYS know with a certainty….that GOD is bigger than all agendas put together. In the end…..He accomplishes HIS purpose that supercede the ‘agendas’ of man.

    But I also think that He didn’t mean for us to be ‘bleating’ sheep without a voice, but an unblemished lamb that has had the price paid for it, with authority given from the KING OF KINGS AND THE LAMB OF LAMBS. That authority, bought with a costly price….calls those ‘agendas’ into accountability. Otherwise why would there have ever been a need for an ELIJAH, OR AN ELISHA, OR AN ISAIAH, or a JEREMIAH, or a DAVID, or a JOHN THE BAPTIST, or a PAUL, These men spoke WITH AUTHORITY having been enlighted by the very SPIRIT OF GOD!

    And even as Jesus did when He chased out the ‘money-changers’ out of the Temple of His Father! I realize we ‘choose’ our battles as led by the same Spirit……and that ultimately God’s purpose and plan usurp EVERY other ‘scheme’……but as ‘salt’ in this world…..WE DO HAVE A VOICE!

    To see HIS glory in the end, many will have countless ‘recollections’ of the ‘warnings’ given, as well as the evidence that stands of an omnipotent God!

    If I were living there, I would be asking lots of questions….just sayin’.

    Love you!

  4. Victoria says:

    Yeah, I agree Candy & Lisa … ultimately, God is in control and we can rest in that fact.

    However, I don’t like to be lied to and I don’t think it’s right what BP is doing. If they have information about this situation then they need to share it. I believe this is totally BP’s fault… according to everything I’ve read so far, BP did not listen to the warnings they were given and drilled anywyay. Just as predicted, things went badly and the methane gas leaked up the pipe and exploded everything.

    If there’s an agenda going on in this situation it will be if they try to hide what’s really going on to us so that it won’t “create mass panic” . I’m not going to put myself or my family in the place of being a sitting duck waiting to die.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Amen, Auntie. I have always wanted to see the Gulf, and now…I don’t know when or how it will ever go back to normal. This has gone past an “issue” and went straight to a tragedy. I’m enraged at BP and any person, organization or company having anything to do with this. I hate to say this (maybe I don’t) but we’ve been talking about alternatives to fossil fuels for YEARS, and then this happens…karma’s a bitch. That’s all I have to say about that (says Forrest Gump).
    As far as you moving away from your beautiful Florida, I say that you should do what your heart tells you. If you have a bad feeling, don’t ignore it. Gut insticts are part of us, and they help guide us, so use ’em!
    I really hope everything works out okay for you and for everyone living around the oil spill. I love you!

  6. Beth Van Dyche says:

    Vicky, What is the source of this audio? Is it a particular talk show?

  7. Victoria says:

    Hey Beth, it’s called Brass TV. If you go to the bottom of this window: you will see a statement about them. They are not the only ones I’ve heard talk about this though, if I find the other links I’ll share them with you.

  8. Victoria says:

    Hey Beth…. I don’t know if this will help you…but here’s another link to Brass tv video:

    …not to be confused with the series called brass tv:

    Hope that helps…

    How are you doing without facebook 😛 ?

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