Boston or LA??

We’re watching the Celtics vs. the Lakers basketball game. I’ve never really been a basketball fan…don’t know why, just not a fan. But watching the Celtics play has really been fun! They are really good and the games have been exciting and intense. I love it when a sports game is really close and keeps you on the edge of your seat right up until the end…or goes into overtime!

However, tonight, I’m not sure what’s wrong. Maybe the entire team took a Benadryl or possibly some Nyquil, but they are missing shots that even I think are easy (and I’m not very good at basketball).

Even the fact that Christina Aguilera and Snoop Dog are there as spectators isn’t helping at all 😛 (not that it would, just sayin’)

Score just before half time:  really bad!!!! (If you’re a Celtics fan, that is)

Boston Celtics: 31

LA Lakers: 51

Come-on Celtics….wake up!!

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