Good Morning…it’s a new day!

Good morning! I’ve gotta move on from the Joey issue because I can’t keep thinking about it….

So, I’m writing a new blog. It’s a bright, sunny, very muggy day where I live. I’m not really that fond of the heat and I detest the humidity. Why do I live in Florida, you might ask? Well, I kinda got plopped here by the military and then I met people. It’s become home because of it’s familiar, it’s where my kids grew up, I know the area. I guess I could know another area too…one that gave me mountains and snow 🙂 … however, I’m tired of moving around … so, for now, this is home.

Our new puppy, Tegan, is adorable! She is so loving and sweet. She is, however, still a puppy though. That means she’s in to everything and still learning that OUTSIDE is where we go potty (we-meaning all doggies :)). She thinks that if she gets close to either the front door or the back door that those are both good places to tinkle. NO-NO Tegan!! For some reason, she also likes to play with socks! Doesn’t matter whose socks, if they are within her reach, they are history! I have recently discovered that she LOVES tennis balls. So, I’m getting a huge supply to keep her occupied. She keeps rolling them under the couches/desks/furniture in general. I’m beginning to think that’s her new game – watch mom crawl around on her hands and knees looking under all the furniture for Tegan’s tennis balls…haha, funny game, Tegan!! 😛

Here’s some pics for your enjoyment:

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32 Responses to Good Morning…it’s a new day!

  1. Candy says:

    Hey Sis! Good blog and great pics of Tegan! I am so glad that it is slowly getting just a little easier to face the day w/o Joey. I am still praying for you and the girls that the memories of Joey will be sweet, and that your hearts won’t ache so badly for missing him. ❤

    I love Tegan already, and haven't even gotten to wrap my arms around her neck, or cuddle or play with her yet. I really want this dog soooo much! She looks like something I would pick if I had my pic of all the dogs in the world! I've seen her in my minds' eye many times through my life of wanting my own dog! Please pray that this will come together with the Housing Authority so that I can have a place that will let me keep her. I think a woman living alone SHOULD have a dog. For companionship AND for security reasons.

    Hey gotta a quick question…..I don't see anywhere where I can pick a face (emoticon) for my comments….but it seems all my comments have this red, ugly, angry looking face. Ugh! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? Is there a way I can choose what face accompanies my comments? (Please say yes!)

    Lotsa love!

  2. Victoria says:

    Hey Sis. Tegan certainly is a cutie. She has been a God-send too because she has helped to ease the pain of losing Joey. I think He also gave her to us to pass on to you! I am praying that it all works out for you to have her. Praying for a pet-friendly, fenced in, shady place for you & Tegan.

    As far as the picture … I answered this on another blog…I think it was one of the blogs about Lady being in jail (boy, we’ve had a lot of drama in our lives lately, haven’t we! Whew!!
    Well, the only way you can get a picture like me is if you sign up for a wordpress blog. It’s not hard to do and it would be good to have you aboard as a blogger!! Adrienne, Lisa T. and I are all on wordpress…come on aboard! Otherwise you have to stick with the pink mad face, sorry 😛

  3. Lisa says:

    Actually…Candy, try . This is a gravatar, which is an avatar that is recognized on most blogs and on many other places on the internet. WordPress uses them, so if you have one and you’re signed in, it SHOULD work…even if you don’t have a WP blog.

  4. Lisa says:

    And Vicky…if you go to your Dashboard and click on the dropdown menu on Settings, then Discussion, then scroll down to the Default Avatars. Anyone who doesn’t have an avatar or a gravatar will be assigned one of whatever you click. You can change what you have selected, ifn’s youse wanna.

  5. Victoria says:

    Thanks Lisa…I didn’t know all that! Well, I went to the settings/discussion, like you suggested and changed the default avatar….it still picks avatars for everyone, I have no choice which one it picks. However, I changed the rating to PG instead of G and chose monsters….and it changed everyone’s avatar.

    Candy, I guess it’s up to you to either sign up for an account through wordpress or go to the avatar site that Lisa suggested and create your own avatar…. 🙂

  6. Candy says:

    WOW! You computer/blog/avatar saavy women are waaayyyyy ahead of me……I am in ‘survival mode’ and may lose internet soon. But until then……I will do my best to set up a blog of my own. Please help me w/the details, Vicky! And Lisa, thanks for your imput because I am now a cute purple ‘whatever’ instead of an angry, disgrunted ‘whatever!’ LOL!

    And Lisa, while you are onboard here……please pray for me… the next few days I have appointments w/Housing Authority and with an extended job application (just means under the same employer)…I need people praying that God will give me favor (only if it’s part of His will….He alone sees ahead of what I can see), but w/the Housing Authority, because of 2 yrs. of ‘cut back hours……I have been living on 24 hr./wk. paychecks. NOT cutting it! And so…..I am applying for some help, until it changes.

    Amidst all of this……I took one look at Tegan, and KNEW that she was the dog I have wished for since childhood. Do I believe that God will give me the desires of my heart when my heart pants for Him like the deer pants for the waterbrook? YES!!! Do I believe that where 2 or more a agreed in HIS NAME, it is DONE? YES!!! Do I depend on others to intercede on my behalf and call what is not, AS IF IT WERE? YES!!! So I am asking that you both agree with me, but MORE with HIS HEART over me!!! On that I can rest……because I know that His Heart is for me and not against me. But I also rest…..knowing that HE knows the beginning from the end…..I put my trust in HIM, in His timing….and in His final answer!

    Thank you for praying, if God so leads you, my sisters.
    In His Grip,

  7. Lisa says:

    I use Monsters as my default too, Vicky. I think they’re funny!

    Candy, I will pray for favor and provision for you, and that a way be made for Tegan to come live with you and for a piece of her heart to be reserved just for you.

  8. Candy says:

    Thank you so much Lisa! And Vicky, thank you for your prayers as well that have been covering me for quite a while!

  9. Victoria says:

    Dear sweet Candy, You got it! I certainly will be praying that God will give you favor with the housing people. I’m also praying for just the right unit with a fence and a nice yard for Tegan!! Love youSis….prayers going up!!

  10. Victoria says:

    hahaha….yes, I think you’re right, Lisa! Oh no, now Candy isn’t going to want the purple monster anymore…not if it has to pee 😛 lol

  11. Candy says:

    I don’t know……I’m thinking that a purple monster that has to pee, but is otherwise accepting of others……is a huge step up from a reddish/pink angry, disgruntled whatever! I think I’m good with that!

    BTW, with Vicky’s help…..I am about to get set up with my own Blog….which would eliminate all the angry and the peeing in one fell swoop!

    I’m excited, even if it’s only a ‘limited edition’.


  12. Candy says:

    P.S.) Two things I am very thankful for!

    1. Lisa’s prayer that a piece of Tegan’s heart will be reserved for me. Awwww……how can I NOT love that!!!??? ❤

    2. I get to have my blog tweaked with Jenny's AWESOME background collection!!!! ❤

  13. Candy says:

    P.P.S) 3. My sister spending literally hours going through all the different choices and options with me….to help me make my blog special!!! I love you, Vicky! You are VERY special!!!!

    • Lisa says:

      My blog template is a really good one. It has a lot of flexibility…you can choose your own colors and make your own header out of a photo you have.

      • Victoria says:

        Hey Lisa,
        Can you choose your own background as well? Like put a picture in the background instead of a solid color?

      • Victoria says:

        Take a look at Candy’s blog:
        She likes the way this looks except for the fonts…do you know where we can get “free” fonts?

      • Lisa says:

        I don’t think you can choose a background photo. Someone who knows more about that sort of thing would have to look at the guts of it to know. The header is custom, though.

        I like Candy’s blog template a lot! I’ve not seen that background before. I usually filter out anything that doesn’t have a custom header, so I’ve missed out on lots of cool templates just because I want to control what goes up on top, I think!

    • Lisa says:

      Oh, and I don’t know if you can change the font. I think it’s standard in whatever template you choose.

      • Victoria says:

        Thanks, Lisa…the template we used for Candy’s blog actually allows you to custom the header and custom the background…so that’s a picture we had on our computer. (Jenny has a collection of pictures just for backgrounds) 🙂

      • Victoria says:

        Do you know anything about “Typekit fonts” ? It’s an option on here, but I think it’s a free trial and then a paid subscription…not sure.

      • Lisa says:

        Hmm. Never thought about a custom background. Where does Jenny get those pictures?

        I think typekit fonts requires an investment, and for now I’m trying to keep my blog free. 🙂

  14. Victoria says:

    It was my pleasure! I love you more…you’re more special 😛

  15. Candy says:

    It’s soooo like you to turn “I love you’s’, and “you’re special”, into a ping-pong game or two! LOL! So besides the facts that I love you more, and think you are sooooo much more special…..YOU ARE A LITTLE STINKER! LOL! Just sayin………

  16. Victoria says:

    Haha…I’m more of a stinker than you 😛 … oh wait, I mean…LOL!

    BTW…you know that you don’t have to be the “little pee girl” anymore! Now that you have a blog, you can sign in to your blog before you comment on my blog :). I’ll add links to your blog so that you can connect directly to my blog, Adrienne’s blog and Lisa’s blog 🙂

    Love you, Stinker 😛

  17. Beat Nyx says:

    How do you get all those links to show up as links in your sidebar? And how did you make all those categories for the links? Love you!

  18. Victoria says:

    It’s all in Dashboard…let’s see…I’m at work right now, so I will type out the steps for you when I get home this afternoon :). It’s not hard, but if I type out the exact steps to take it will make it easier for ya 🙂 Love you!

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