Gone, but not forgotten….

“Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you…I loved you so – ’twas Heaven here with you.”

I thought that maybe I would write one last tribute to Joey and then I will stop talking about it.  This little dog (as feisty as he was) stole my heart and I just can’t shake this constant picture of his smiling face that invades just about every thought in my day. So, I think this blog is as much for me, Vanessa & Jenny to process our grief as it is to celebrate the life of our little Joey! ❤

Joey was not a passive dog. He did not just sit around while life passed him by. He was vibrant, energetic and feisty….but he always seemed to be wearing a smile. That smile of his pared with his wiggling body is probably the thing that haunts my memory the most! He was always happy to see us. Always ready to dance for his treats and always ready to hop up on his favorite spot (the right lower corner of my bed) for a nap.

He had an over sized body and pencil thin legs…either because he had thyroid issues or he simply got the body of a corgi and the legs of a chihuahua! Either way, Joey was a bundle of energy that, most of the time, had trouble sitting still.

Everywhere I go in the house, the back yard, around my neighborhood, sitting on my front porch…there is a story to tell about Joey. He made his presence known. For instance at I sit in my chair in the living room typing this I look over at the wooden arm of my favorite chair and notice that it is all scratched up. That’s from Joey jumping up and putting his front paws (with sharp claws) on the wood. He was always happy to see me and wiggled that chunky little body with everything he had while he wore that precious smile of his. As I walk out my front door I see Joey lifting a leg to pee on my pedestal flower pot (still wearing that smile). Every time I’d tell him not to pee on my flower pot :). Yet every time he’d go out in the front yard, he would pee on my flower pot. Joey loved to go for walks….I think mainly so that he could pee on other people’s “flower pots” :).

Jazmin (my border collie) and Joey were best buds!! They would run around the back yard playing for hours…first Jazmin chasing Joey, then Joey chasing Jazmin. Needless to say, Jazmin has been very depressed without her Joey around :(.

Joey was also the “nurse dog”. Before he would lay down, he would go around and clean the other dogs faces…each and every one. Then he would finally plop himself down on his side and take a nap. He loved his girls – Jazmin and Lady!

Jazmin and Joey used to love to dig out under our back fence and romp off into the woods on their little adventures. This was very frustrating for me and I’d always hop in the car and drive all over the neighborhoods looking for them. I usually would find them walking along the sidewalk on their way back home. One time, however, they came back home through the back gate (that leads into the woods) carrying a bone. I reported the bone to the police because it looked rather like a child-sized femur bone … they said it was a deer bone…we’ll leave it at that.

It’s funny how all the things about Joey that kinda annoyed me before (leaving scratch marks on my chair, never being able to settle down, etc) are now things that have left an indelible mark on my mind and make me long for him to be here with us. The house is certainly calmer without our Joey, but I’m not sure I want it to be calmer…I’d trade the calm for Joey any day!

Joey was born in October of 2004 and would have been 6  this year. We rescued him from an animal shelter in Destin. His name was Pookie at the Shelter..we changed it to Puka and then to Joey :). He was the wildest dog at the shelter, but for some reason he captured our hearts from the very start! Joey was a cuddler! He loved to cuddle and get his ears and belly scratched. I miss my little cuddler with the smiling face.

Joey, you were a handful of energy…but you were sweet, loving, faithful, playful, feisty, fat :), and sooo dearly loved by your family! We will miss you but will always treasure your memory. Thank you for coming into our home and for loving us and letting us love you! ❤

Joey when we first got him


Playin with the big dogs....

Joey begging for a treat
Skinny Joey on the trampoline

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4 Responses to Gone, but not forgotten….

  1. Candy says:

    Awww! Sooooo sweet! You’ve got me in tears! ❤

  2. Adrienne says:

    How do I do “pages” and what are they for? Also, how do I get more than “home” on my top navigation bar…like you have “about me” and “recipes”???

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