R.I.P. Happy, Fiesty, Dancing Joey…

My heart is sad as I sit here on my bed looking at the spot that Joey always laid. He always wanted to come snuggle with me and be scratched behind his ears and on his belly, but many times I’d pet him only for a second and then send him to the foot of the bed because he shed so much. So much blonde fur would come out all over my brown bedspread. He did love to snuggle though and so sometimes I would just snuggle with him anyway….didn’t matter that I was afterwards covered completely in reddish blonde hair fur. I’m really glad that yesterday morn.  was one of those mornings that I took the time to snuggle with him and scratch his belly!

I always called him my little fox dog. To me he looked like a fox with his big pointy ears and his small pointy muzzle. Joey loved to dance for his treats and even as big as he got around the middle … he still would do his twirl dance to get a treat. I can still see his happy, smiling face looking at me excited to get that treat! ❤

I don’t want to go in to what happened right now, it’s too painful to talk about. But just know that his injuries were too extensive for us to try to fix him, so we had to put him down. He was a good dog (as all of our dogs have been)…but his fiesty nature got him into trouble for the last time 😦  We will always love you Joey!!

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6 Responses to R.I.P. Happy, Fiesty, Dancing Joey…

  1. Lisa says:

    I’m really sorry, Vicky. There is no easy way to lose a pet. They become family in our hearts.

  2. Victoria says:

    Thanks, Lisa….it comes in waves of this anguish that perhaps I could have done something to keep this from happening…ugh. I miss him. I know you went through this recently (twice) and are very familiar with the pain. I didn’t realize that it would be so painful…I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you more when your doggies went to heaven…

    Thanks for responding!

  3. Lisa says:

    I do understand the “Maybe I could have/should have done something to keep this from happening” thing. But we we’ll never know if that is really true, and the nature of our pets is to forgive us anyway, so it’s better to rest in that little piece of God’s heart that they display so well.

    Every day it gets a little better as far as the pain goes, but it takes a long time to stop missing them. But the missing is more like a longing and less like a deep pain, if that makes any sense.

    • Victoria says:

      Hey Lisa…yes, that does make sense! I’m still struggling…mainly because Joey left his mark vividly implanted in my mind. His little (fat) wiggly body and expectant eyes are planted in my mind so strongly that it’s like he’s actually here with me. I can see him and that image sends a pain deep into my heart. Good to know it will eventually fade into longing! ❤

  4. Candy says:

    I am so sorry that your heart is ripped out…at least it feels like it is….I can’t know what you experienced with Joey, Vanessa, and just you and Joey…..so I guess I’m saying upfront…..I don’t know the full extent of the grief you are going through. But I offer this…..my heart that loves you and is torn because your heart is torn in two!!! That Vanessa’s heart is torn in two!!! Please accept my heartfelt sympathies toward your loss. This was NOT just an animal….but a family member! I totally understand that! I shed some tears for your loss, and Vee’s loss, but confess that I can’t truly know that loss unless I had experienced it firsthand. And not just the loss, but the whole LIFE of Joey. His fiesty, never back down, desperate to love and be loved personality. The time he experienced before Vanessa and you, that were NOT loving.

    I hope that you will find comfort in the fact that Vanessa and you gave him a place to be who he truly was…..even w/some ‘attitude’. Underneath the attitude was the desire that we all share….TO BE LOVED AND ACCEPTED!!!

    In your home he found this….and even with some ‘less than perfect’ situations….he found unconditional love……even as you and Vee stayed with him til his last breath. THIS IS PRECIOUS…..and he breathed his last breath, looking into your loving faces!

    So…..when I say I only know in part, and can only console in part……please know that the deeper part that YOU and VANESSA alone can connect with……is held ever so gently in the Hands of Jesus!

    I love you! I grieve with the grief you are feeling…..and HE RUNS TO YOU….to bring comfort! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Much love,

  5. Victoria says:

    Thank you sis!! Thanks for your kind, sweet words of comfort!
    It’s raining today and the thunder is making noise….all I can think of is that Joey didn’t like the thunder and he would always try to get as close to me as possible when it thundered.

    Actually, everywhere I turn the memories are strong. Joey wasn’t a passive dog and therefore he left behind a lot of vivid memories. All those things that he used to do before that really annoyed me….well, they’ve become the things that I think about in an endearing way now (and there were a lot of them) …. thus the memories everywhere I go in the house or in the yard!

    *sigh* … I don’t want the memories to go away…just want them to become less painful! 😦

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