Good thing I’m a Leo ;) …

Persistence does pay off … eventually! I can be very persistent, and in this case, it just might be paying off. My “never say die” attitude can also get me in trouble, but I think I might be actually making some headway with the Environmental Control/Rabies Control Department of Florida :)))))). Who said I had to start at the bottom when pleading the case for my Lady? 😉

Yes, I called the Environmental Control Agency for Florida and gently told them my story. They didn’t really seem to care because they were “following the letter of the law”.

Soooooo, I retold them my story, a little more intensely….they became just a touch more sensitive, but basically still didn’t care because they were simply “following the law and they could make no exceptions”.

So, I told them my story again with a little more punch….this guy was just as persistent as I am and he stuck to his guns and said he was “simply following the law and they could make no exceptions”.

Sooooo, what choice did I have but to haul out the BIG GUNS… here was our basic conversation:

I said “my 13 year old dog is 91 years old…would you put your grandma in prison if she bit another dog?”

He didn’t say anything…

then I said “What are my options?”

he said: “You can obey the law and leave your dog in quarantine for the full 10 days or you can choose to disobey the law but you’ll have to face the consequences.”

I said: “What are the consequences?”

He said: “If you choose to disobey the law, there could be penalties of fines”

I said: “What if my dog dies in confinement…she’s only been there 3 days so far and is so stressed out that she’s already developed a urinary tract infection”

He said: “Ma’am, I know this sounds harsh, but we’re not concerned as to whether or not your dog dies, we are concerned about the spread of rabies.”

EEEEEWWWWWW…. WRONG ANSWER! (Does he realize them is fightin’ words?)

I said:That’s just it, she doesn’t have rabies”

He said: “Did you or did you not properly vaccinate your dog?”

I said: “I have always properly vaccinated my dog”

He said: “That’s not what I asked, I asked, did you or did you not properly vaccinate your dog?”

I said: I always vaccinate my dogs, since they were puppies I have never missed or let the vaccines expire. But life has gotten busy and I forgot and missed by one month.”

At this point, he actually became human and said he understood, but that they still had to follow the law. A few more words were exchanged that included me possibly saying something about suing the state of Florida if my dog died (hmmmm…did those words come out of my mouth? Don’t mess with Vicky! :P). Anyway, he claimed immunity and blah, blah, blah, but then finally, finally, finally asked me: “Who is the person that your dog bit” and I said: “that’s just it, You see, if she had bitten a person I probably would have had her put down because I don’t believe dogs should be allowed to bite people…but she didn’t bite a person, she snapped at a 2 month old stray puppy that I have in my house because the puppy stole her rawhide chew. She didn’t even do very much damage to the puppy but because it was near the eye it swelled and I took the puppy to the vet… know the rest of the story.”

He said: “You mean your dog didn’t bite a person?”

I said:No, she snapped at a puppy, grazing the skin by the eye and the puppy’s eyelids swelled”

He said: “Oh…let me get this straight, your dog didn’t bite a person?”

I said: “No, she bit a puppy…and the puppy is fine, hardly any worse for the wear.”

He said: “Oh….that kinda changes things.”

“Let me talk to my supervisor and if you can get your vet to send me an email stating that she feels it’s detrimental to your dogs health to stay quarantined at their facility, then I will see what I can do to get your dog an in-home quarantine.”

*SIGH* … see …persistence pays off!! It robs you of energy and mental stability!! But it pays off!!

So … I called Dr. Jenni at NAC and she said: “Of course I’ll write that email for you!” :)))))) Thank you Dr. Jenni – she’s soooo sweet!!!!!

So now I wait for “Shaun” over at Environmental Health Agency of FL to call me back :)))))

Pray, please that Lady gets to come home 🙂

Here’s some pictures of our visit with Lady in her jail cell today:

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15 Responses to Good thing I’m a Leo ;) …

  1. Julie says:

    So sorry you have had such a hassle, Vicky. Will be praying that this news of it being a puppy bit opens the heart of the ones who make decisions.

  2. Victoria says:

    Thank you, Julie!! I sure do appreciate it! ❤

  3. Lisa says:

    Here’s hoping you can spring Lady from the clink! Honestly…this whole thing is so dumb. I get the point of why they have the rule, but that rule is for specific reasons that aren’t present here. And what really pisses me off is that if you were fighting for a kid in the CPS system, you probably couldn’t get anyone to follow the rules for the sake of a kid, but they’ll die on a hill over a stray puppy. UGH.

    • Victoria says:

      Hey Lisa…yeah, it’s amazing when it comes to children what they will tolerate, but let a puppy get a scratch on her face from another dog just trying to get her “chew” away from the puppy and out comes Scotland Yard! Sheesh!!

  4. Candy says:

    I know this will come out, because I KNOW my sister! :P!!! And there is NO way my sister will back off, when there is a gross injustice involved. I’m just clicking off the seconds on the clock until I hear you have pulled this off, and Lady has been ‘sprung’ from her jailcell! Poor Lady! She must be so confused wondering what she did wrong????

  5. Victoria says:

    Haha, Candy! You know me too well 😛 !!

    You’re right, I spent a good portion of the day “not backing off” However, it is now 6:29 pm and Lady is safe and sound in her home. 🙂 She just ate her dinner and had her medicine and she’s as happy as can be!! :))))))

    Lady and the puppy are still quarantined, however, they are allowing us to do the quarantine here at home! So we have 6 days left of keeping everyone separated and Lady and Tegan (Taigen — long a sound) in cages while the other dogs are out….and also separated from each other…but no sweat…I can handle that. Everyone has a crate of their own and it’s not a problem.

    I’m just happy she is home. I have spent the last couple of nights rather sleepless as I’m sure Lady has. I’m getting ready to give her a bath to wash this awful few days away and *sigh*…thank you God! He is always faithful and always good. I take back what I said about the need to lie (except maybe to the vet (not Dr. Jenni) … just the other vets ;)….but God honors the truth! 🙂
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Candy says:

    I knew it!!!! 🙂 I knew you would pull this off! If I ever have to go to court….forget lawyers……I want YOU pleading my defense!!!

    I’m so glad that Lady is back home. For your sake and for Lady’s sake!

    YOU ROCK, Victoria Lynn!!! God put that persistence in you for a reason!!! Love you oodles, Sis!

    • Victoria says:


      Okay, as you can see by my second comment, which I used a different email address…you don’t get to pick your face. Sorry. The only way you can choose a picture is if you set up an account on . Then you can actually blog along with Lisa and I and the millions of other bloggers :)))) It’s not hard to set up an account. You should do it! It’d be cool to have you start writing here with us!

      Thanks Candy! Yes, the persistence paid off today, other days it can be a curse…but God did put it there, so….

      I’m very glad Lady is home too…this will be my first night’s restful sleep in 4 days…and I’m sure it’ll be Lady’s first night too. She just got her bath and I think she’ll sleep pretty solid tonight. :)))

  7. Candy says:

    Ok, how do I get that ugly scowling face to go away on my comments? Did I miss an option to choose another face?

  8. Lisa says:

    Good for you and good for Lady!

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks Lisa! My bank account is $269.00 in the hole (due to Lady getting a urinary tract infection and having to go on antibiotics, also they gave her all of her shots (except for rabies – which she’ll get at the end of this silly quarantine). But I’m glad we’re able to deal with it here instead of there!

  9. Vicky Van Patten says:

    this is a test to see if I can choose a “face” when I’m not logged in…

  10. Vicky Van Patten says:

    opps! It recognized my it put my face on there

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