Sad, Sad Day….

Tonight, I can’t stop thinking about my Lady over at NAC in quarantine. 😦 😦 😦 😦

I have replayed the scenario of me telling the story (to the vet) about what happened between the puppy and Lady. Each time the story is replayed, the story changes slightly to include less of Lady and more of this strange dog roaming our neighborhood who just happened to wander into our yard at the exact same time that I let Tegan outside to go potty.

Sometimes the story is very elaborate of a vicious dog who attacked Tegan while she was going potty and before I could do anything about it, the dog disappeared down the street and off into the woods.

Sometimes the story is just totally bewildering to me concerning how in the world Tegan got hurt….I turned my back for a second and suddenly heard her yelping and saw her running towards me, tail between her legs!

But each time the story is replayed in my mind, Lady is no longer a part of it! Oh, if only my mind was quicker on my feet!! Lady would be home, laying at my feet or begging me to scratch her ears! 😦

Life isn’t always fair…I am such a faithful, responsible pet owner! I don’t let the dogs bark at the neighbors, I don’t let them bark incessantly in the back yard, I always always pick up their doo-doo when we go for walks and I always get their vaccinations on time! The one time that I miss (by a month) their vaccinations, there is absolutely no grace. Do you know how many hunting dogs there are in this area who aren’t vaccinated let alone treated decently…who are turned lose in the woods if they don’t turn out to be exactly the kind of hunting dog their owners bargained for? Who have never been vaccinated or given heart worm pills?  I know this because we found one of those dogs – Jake – who had bad heart worms and had to be treated at quite an expense before he could go to a new home…

It just makes me sad that as hard as I try to be a good, responsible pet-owner…I end up getting punished and my 13-year old dog is in jail because of it….sad, sad day!! Thanks OKC for your special honor you have bestowed on me for adopting 5 dogs off your streets and rescuing and finding homes for 3 others…thanks…I feel very honored!

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3 Responses to Sad, Sad Day….

  1. Candy says:

    This really is sad and unfair! I hate that this is happening to poor Lady! She doesn’t deserve this! 😦

  2. Victoria says:

    Hi Candy,
    Lady can certainly be fiesty…but honestly, that was more in her younger days…she’s 13 year old now and has arthritic back legs. That’s 91 years old in people years. She might hit you with her cane if you get in her way, but that’s about it, honey… she’s mellowed tremendously. I just want her to live out her last year (probably only has one year left) in peace!~ ❤

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