Good Morning, Sunshine :))))

Don’t let my title fool you…it does NOT describe my day today. However, as I was thinking of titles the only title that kept coming to mind was “Day from Hell” … so, maybe the above title is a little more attractive :)).

Seriously, if I’d have known how this day would turn out, I would not have gotten out of bed. This has been about a $400.00 day….$400.00 that I don’t really have… but none-the-less there it is.

However, all is not lost…I have learned some very valuable lessons from this day. Wanna hear the lessons I learned???

      Lesson #1: Never tell the Vet the truth about what happened.

      Lesson #2: Always lie to the vet about what really happened.

      Lesson #3: Never let your dogs vaccinations (especially rabies) expire!!

      Lesson#4: Under NO Circumstances should you tell the vet the truth    about what happened! Oh, I already said that…well, it deserves repeating!!

How do I start…I guess it’s been a series of events, starting with bringing the new puppy home…the dogs getting used to each other…little warning growls here and there when the puppy (Tegan) crossed-over into personal space that she didn’t belong in, but over all, the dogs were playing together very nicely. Even my 13-year old dog, Lady, seemed to really take to the puppy and had become more playful around her!

Well, Tegan made a mistake last night that has resulted in this “Sunshiny” Day :). Please note that I have learned that rawhide chews are a wonderful past-time for my dogs, but they cannot, I repeat CANNOT, have their chews in the same room. They must be seperated in order to have chews. For some reason they become very possessive of their chews. Pigs Earsno thank you…those are out totally! The dogs become psycho-evil-bi-polar dogs if given a pigs ear. Rawhide chews are not as bad as pigs ears, but still…just to be on the safe side, the dogs only get chews in their seperate areas or in their crates.

That said…sweet little puppy, Tegan, didn’t know the rules of the house yet. So, she innocently went into Kelso’s cage and brought out a nice big rawhide chew! She was happy as a lark, but Lady immediately became possessive of the chew and snapped at Tegan, getting her in the face, right around the eyes. Tegan yelped and screamed and ran away. She wouldn’t stop screaming until I picked her up and held her. After I calmed her down I surveyed the damage and it looked like Lady had just grazed her eyelid with her teeth and tore the skin by the tear duct. None-the-less, it bled pretty good. I cleaned it up, calmed Tegan down and made a place on my bed for her to cuddle up for the night. All seemed good.

However, when I woke up this morning, Tegan’s eyes were swollen shut, and there was disgusting green stuff caking her eyes shut. She would not let me wipe it away so I left it and took her to the vet.

Here’s where my trouble began. If only I had learned lesson 1, 2, & 4 earlier in my life…my day would not have gone the way it did! But, honest Vicky…gotta tell the truth…blah, blah, blah. The truth today only cost me more money. Because of the truth, Lady is now in Quarantine at Niceville Animal Clinic Kennels for 10 days. Costing me $250.00 more. So, let’s add it up…$250.00 + $107.00 (for Tegan’s antibiotic treatment this morning). okay…so far I’ve spent $357.00.

Not over yet!

I realize that if I had not let Lady’s rabies vaccine expire (only by a month) that Lady would not have to be quaranteened (-$250.00)…so, I ran home and got Joey & Jazmin (who’s vaccine’s had expired last month just like Lady’s) and got their shots up-to-date, costing another $80.00! Yippeee…that’s a grand total of $250 + 107 + 80 = $437.00! 😀 Woo-Hoo!!!

Not over yet!!

My car is also having issues! The rear lights won’t shut off! Everytime I park I have to lift the lid of the car and disconnect one of the battery cables to get the rear lights to shut off :D! Isn’t that fun?! 😀 Fortunately, Niceville Auto thinks it’s a simple relay switch and that (with parts and labor) will only cost me about $40.00. {*sigh of relief*}

Okay, now I’m done! By tomorrow at this time I will have spent $477.00!! And that was my sunshiny day! Oh, did I mention that I was spose to work today, but had to call off to deal with this? Did I also mention that I did all of the above WITHOUT coffee this morning? Yeah, not good! So I guess I’ll work tomorrow instead. I’m going back to bed…shoulda never even gotten up this morning! 😛 Maybe tomorrow will be better! It has to be, I’m outta money 😛

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11 Responses to Good Morning, Sunshine :))))

  1. Candy says:

    Oh my, Vicky! What an absolutely aweful day! i’m so sorry you had all of that happen in one day. So Tegan’s eyes swelled because Lady’s shot’s had expired? Bless your heart! It didn’t just rain… poured!

    Wow! It’s looking more and more like I can’t afford a dog!!! As much as I would love Tegan, I couldn’t begin to afford this! Better wait until my budget is more stable. Go ahead and give her to the best local home you find. 😦

    I have to say though, your sunshiny attitude was glorious!


  2. Victoria says:

    Hey Sis,

    Thanks for reading and replying! Tegan’s eyes didn’t swell because Lady shots had expired. There was probably something on Lady’s teeth that infected Tegan’s eyes…or possibly it’s just simply a very sensitive area. If she had scraped our eyelids they would probably swell too. But the stupid rules of Okaloosa County is why Lady is in quarantine now…they are probably short on their budget and using this incident to prove a point to everyone … blah, whatever!

    Anyway, it’s looking more and more like we are going to keep Tegan. Especially since I think it’s getting time to put Lady down :(. After this incident, I can’t risk anything happening to the baby. So, we have til October to do this….soooo sad. Lady has been a very very good dog, but she is 13 years old (91 in people years) and has arthritis in her back legs…. :((((((

    🙂 you either laugh or cry, right?? Rather have the sunshine than the rain anyday :))))) (except when I want to read a good book…then rain, bring it on) :)))))

  3. Victoria says:

    Well, another sunshiny day today…my car just got towed back to the shop…brakes are locked up? Can I just start this month over, please????

    • Candy says:

      Hey Sis….I’m for starting the month over again….sounds like a very good plan to me! So sorry for all that has hit all at once! Love you oodles….praying for you….I know it has got to be a very painful decision to have to put Lady down. But I do understand you can’t have any mishaps around the baby. I feel your pain!

      • Victoria says:

        Thanks Candy! BTW…the latest with my car…I didn’t have to pay for the breaks locking up, that was their fault 🙂 But I have to take my car back on Monday to get the final fix…hopefully that won’t be too much.

      • Victoria says:

        Yeah, it’s going to be really hard to put Lady down…makes me very sad 😦

  4. Lisa says:

    I’m well-acquainted with astronomical vet bills. I go to the other big vet operation in town, though, and I do like them a lot better than my one experience with NAC. I think most clinics would work with someone who keeps her dogs confined and is only one month past expiration on the shot.

    Sorry for the storm at your house. 😦

  5. Victoria says:

    Well, unfortunately, it was the “other” clinic who turned me in to the health department…I’m not very happy! I plan on filing a complaint to the health department about this once it’s all over with!!

    Plus, this “other clinic” (btw…the one we normally use) wanted to charge $350.00 for a 10-day quarantine…NAC charged me $100 less…@ $250 for 10-days.

  6. Victoria says:

    thanks for your empathy though 🙂

  7. Victoria says:

    I just think Lady is too old to go through this! This should have never ever happened! Shame on them!!!!!

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