Junk in the Trunk….oooppps, I mean Garage ;)

Oh boy do I ever have the stuff! Ever wonder “how in the world did I accumulate so much stuff”? Wow….so, today is going to be cleaning day at my house! Cleaning out the garage. When I woke up this morning and got my coffee, I let the dogs out in the back yard and the skies were bright blue and the air was crisp. But now as I look out the window here by my computer, it is getting cloudy and windy. Oh no! Ohhhhhh No!! The rain is NOT welcome today. Doesn’t the weather ever understand that I need my weekends to get things like this done?

As embarrassing as this is…I’m going to show you a picture of the inside of my garage right now! But this is only so that I can show you an “after” picture to show you what an accomplishment it was to clean it up :)))).

Okay, I’ve procrastinated enough….if I don’t get started soon, it will begin to rain and then I won’t be able to do it at all  😉  hmmmm…there’s a thought :)))).

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2 Responses to Junk in the Trunk….oooppps, I mean Garage ;)

  1. Lisa says:

    I will never forget driving back from Andalusia AL in the middle of the night with Yoda staring at me every time I looked into my rear view mirror!

  2. Victoria says:

    Oh my goodness…I will NEVER forget it either!! It took us a very long time to recover from that … you were our rescuer, Lisa!! 😀

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