Sufjan’s First Day….

I went outside this morning to try to find Sufjan and saw him up in the neighbor’s tree. However, when I called him, he came over to the tree above my head, but wouldn’t come down to me. At lunch today I went out to see him and bring him some sunflower seeds and peanuts, but he wouldn’t come down to see me. He was too intent on yelling at another squirrel who was trying to take his tree :). So, I left the peanuts and sunflower seeds on a branch and went back to work.

Tonight I moved his cage into his new favorite tree and tied a plastic container to a branch just below his cage and filled it with peanuts and sunflower seeds. I also put his water bottle on the outside of the cage so he could drink. While I was doing all this, Sufjan came down and sniffed my fingers, grabbed my finger with his paws and started cooing at me. He came down closer and put his face up to mine and continued his “cooing”, so I gave him a peanut, which he took and sat on the branch by my head and ate it. He let me pet him :). I petted his head, his back and ran his fluffy tail through my hand and he just sat there eating :). I think he realized that I wasn’t planning on putting him back in the house, but just wanted to help him because he stuck around for about 1/2 hr. and kept coming up to me, sniffing me and putting his face in mine while making his cooing sound (which to me was him giving me kisses :).

He’s doing really well and has established himself in his tree at the edge of our yard. It’s amazing what natural instincts God put in the animals. He has been hand-raised, slept in a baby blanket every night in the warmth and safety of the house, and really didn’t see the outdoors much at all… except a few times while riding around on my shoulder. However, he knew exactly what to do and hops around on the tree limbs like he’s done it all his life :).

I know it may seem a little crazy that I care about this little squirrel so much, but when you hand-raise an animal like I did Sufjan, you grow a little bit attached :).

I didn’t take any pictures tonight, but I will take some of him in his new tree tomorrow.


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