This brings a whole new meaning to Iron Lungs…

Okay, so since my last post….I have been watching the news. Believe it or not, even though I went on and on about not needing to watch the news, I do like some of the morning shows from New York and they include some news in there.

So, this morning I’m sitting in my favorite chair putting on my makeup and drinking my coffee (before work) and they start reporting about this guy who inhaled part of the handle of a spoon and didn’t even know it. That’s right, he didn’t know that he’d inhaled a 2 inch portion of the handle of an eating utensil! REALLY?? How do you do that? How do you inhale a metal object of any kind into your lungs and not know it. Not only did he not know it, but he didn’t know it for 2 whole years!!

The only way that he found out was that he started getting sick, coughing and just not breathing well (hmmmm….can’t imagine why)…so he got an Xray (after 2 yrs.!!) and they found a portion of the handle of an eating utensil in his LUNGS! WOW….that’s amazing! haha…I’m rather speechless really…poor guy!

🙂 I guess I’m liking the news a little more…stories like this add a little spice to life and give me something to talk about ;). . . The Morning Show news anyway! 🙂

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