Absolute love…

I was reading in Lisa’s blog about a book called “Crazy Love: Overwhelmed By A Relentless God” (Lisa’s Blog) . . . and it got me thinking . . .

. . . I used to have a book called “Love Letters from God” that I used every day. It was filled with love scriptures…scriptures that totally declared God’s love for me (and you)…His everlasting, kind, compassionate, self-less, sovereign… (I could go on and on) …love that left me feeling embraced and protected by His strong and mighty arms! I loved, loved, loved that little book because it was simply scripture. A book full of carefully chosen scriptures that talked about His love for me! A book full of hugs and promises from God to start my day! I really really needed those at that time in my life.

But, like everything that God gives us, He does eventually ask us to pass it on to someone else so that they can know Him too! So, along came that someone else into my life who I could see desperately needed those BIG HUGS from scripture that I was getting every day and I passed it on.

Not that I don’t still need the hugs from God (all the time – every day)! But something happened to me during that time in my life when this little book, full of God’s “love scriptures”, was my life-line. I began to understand something about God that I think I didn’t understand before. Something about His absoluteness…His persistence…His steadfastness…His sovereignty…His unwavering love! Something that I really hadn’t known in my live. A love that was unconditional, unbiased, unwavering. He PURSUED me … He pursued ME… He pursued ME with HIS LOVE!! WOW!! Because I began to understand God’s love a little bit better, I also began to understand a little more about the mighty depth of God’s character.

Now His love was in me, a part of me and I no longer needed this little book to remind me each morning…I could feel His love and know His love was not going to leave me. Now it wasn’t just God hugging me, but I was hugging Him back and holding onto Him with everything that was in me. Kinda like a little kid who is so happy to see his “daddy” when he comes home from work that he latches on to his leg–wrapping arms and legs around that leg — so that the dad cannot walk across the floor without dragging his child along with him!? Well, that was me holding onto God!

Well, I’m sitting here at my computer, sick with some kind of flu or cold bug, drinking the Sleepy-time version of Airborne. It’s pretty good, actually! I’m drinking it hot.  It’s cider flavored and with a little raw sugar it actually tastes good. I’ve also taken some day quill and to be honest, my head is still very cloudy. I get this way with a cold…the stuffiness in my head messes with my thinking and then the medicine I take messes with my thinking. Ironically, I feel inspired to write today…ha! So if all my rambling doesn’t make sense…I blame it on the cold. 🙂

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