There’s something that I’ve thought about. Not that it’s consumed my thoughts or anything, but it has crossed my mind on more than one or two occassions…”how is it that people slam their fingers in car doors?” I mean, really? Why would you put your fingers anywhere near where the door closes? Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not talking about people getting their fingers slammed in a car door by someone else. That’s totally understandable! You assume the other person sees your hand and therefore will not close the door while your hand is in the way. However, what I’m talking about is to slam the car door on your own hand/or finger(s).

See…now you’re thinking “Yeah, people don’t slam the car door on their own hand…other people slam the car door on their hand” Well, see….that’s what I thought too….until today!

Today I proved that it can happen! I proved it because…..I did it!! Yep! I slammed my own finger in my car door. Granted, I was in a hurry…but seriously…how do you do that? My finger just got in the way. It was just the tip of my finger (the nail area up to the first joint) and I don’t think it would have been so bad if I didn’t see it coming. Actually, I don’t think that I physically (with my eyes) saw it coming…but my brain saw it coming. My brain saw it coming and tried to get my finger out of the way. But, my left hand was obviously faster than my right hand because the door closed as my brain was telling my right hand to move “QUICK”.

If  I’d have just left my hand there and “calmly” or even “not calmly” opened the car door before I removed my hand, things might have been a little better for my poor finger. But no!! I didn’t do that! My brain set off a reflex that basically caused me to rip my poor finger out of the door. PAIN!!! Head bang THROBBING PAIN!!  I tore the skin on the top of the finger and on the bottom of the finger. Nice, huh!? At least I don’t do things half way…you can’t accuse me of that!

Thank you, thank you!

Well, that’s my story. My finger is sore. VERY SORE!! I have a deeper respect for car doors. If you slam your finger in a car door I will no longer wonder how you did that. I will no longer think “what an idiot” Cool I will only have pity and will be thinking… “Ouch!”  Flowers

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One Response to Reflexes…

  1. Lisa says:

    That sounds perfectly AWFUL! OUCH!

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