More Garden shots…

I’m sorry, but I’m just so excited about my little garden. I have wanted one for so many years and now FINALLY…I get to have one! So, please bear with me as I post (yet more) pictures of my little crop :).

L Unsure Unsure K at this!! My eggplant is producing more than just flowers!! Yay!! I’m so proud! Big smile

Two Eggplants so far!!

Two Eggplants so far!!

I'm so proud!! ;)

I'm so proud!! 😉



Such pretty flowers too!

Such pretty flowers too!

I'm thinkin' this eggplant is a keeper!

I'm thinkin' this eggplant is a keeper!

more tomatoes!

more tomatoes!

Cute little cucumbers :)

Cute little cucumbers 🙂

As you can tell, I adore my eggplants! Although, I don’t really know how to cook them yet, but I’ll learn. Such a pretty plant, beautiful flower and beautiful fruit!!

Okay, enough about my garden. I wasn’t even going to write about my garden this morning, but I went outside with my cup of coffee to check on my garden. Poor plants were all very parched, so as I was watering them I noticed my beautiful purple eggplants and just got so excited that I had to tell y’all about them!




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