Relationships Rant….

I considered this post and the words I’m about to write…whether I should temper my words with a few flowers here or there, or whether I should just let them fall on the paper exactly as they are coming out of my heart and mind….I think I have chosen the latter. So here goes…my rant on relationships….

What is this thing called relationships? What does the word actually mean? says it’s “a connection, an involvement, an emotional dependence or alliance.” Websters says: “The connection, dealings, or associations bringing together persons, groups, nations in personal, business or diplomatic affairs.”

Well, there ya have it! Is that what a relationship is? People connected by a certain phase in life? The circumstances of life simply bringing two or more people together to experience a phase or a circumstance in life? Is there more to it, or am I just thinking too much about this? Am I dreaming up this idea that maybe there should be more of a depth to a relationship when it’s not really ‘spose to be there? Are relationships meant to simply be superficial with nothing beyond that? Are they meant to be surface only? … “Hello, how are you? How’s the weather, blah, blah, blah?” If two people are in a relationship are they spose to actually like each other, love each other, be merely aquaintances who aren’t really affected much by what happens in each others’ lives?

The one thing that I thought I had down in life – relationships…I’m beginning to realize that maybe I’m just not very good at it. I think I require too much. In my mind a relationships involves commitment, pursuing, making an effort to connect. In the very least, there should be a desire to actually be with the person. But maybe that’s just me…

Maybe it is just me….maybe I’m the weird one. Maybe I am looking at this all wrong. Why put so much effort into something that only spits in your face and bites you in the behind?

Hmmmm…. words to ponder or a bunch of bologne? What do you think?

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4 Responses to Relationships Rant….

  1. Lisa says:

    “Why put so much effort into something that only spits in your face and bites you in the behind?”

    I think…that this is a question for Jesus. Scripture doesn’t mention any behind-biting, but the spitting, as well as hitting, beating, nailing…it’s all there. And it was BECAUSE of relationships and FOR relationships. I think if we understand His motivation, we’ll better understand what ours should be, too.

    Doesn’t mean we are to set ourselves up for abuse, though, and take whatever comes our way. We are to be good stewards of all God entrusts to us, and that includes our own lives. That means protecting them and positioning them for growth, not throwing them under the wheels of someone’s runaway train of cruelty or abuse.

    As far as depth, well…you can’t own other people’s fear and intimacy issues and claim them as your problem. Just because we live in a culture of fear and intimacy issues doesn’t mean you’re wrong. Just means you may be lonely and under-challenged more than you’d like.

  2. Victoria says:

    In reality, I do understand and embrace the importance of relationships. It’s what I’ve always been all about. But every once in a while I get tired of trying and trying and trying, only to get spit in the face and bitten in the behind! It makes you want to give up, albeit temporarily…because what God intended for grandiose goodness, man makes rather like those putrid whole eggs in your garden!

  3. Victoria says:

    …btw….I hope you can hear the “sarcasm” in my voice as I wrote this post…I am being very sarcastic and most of what I wrote goes against the very nature of relationships!! But I did that with a purpose…

  4. Lisa says:

    Of course I could!

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