Cilantro…homegrown…a sensory delight!

Well, I know I said that I was going to write more about my pets…and I will! I promise!! But I just don’t feel like talking about them tonight.

Tonight is going to be garden related. I made a Chicken Fiesta Soup tonight. I’ve made this soup before, so it’s not really that big of a deal. But tonight, instead of store-bought cilantro (which I usually use) I used cilantro from my garden. Oh my goodness!! What a difference in flavor and strength! Normally when I make this soup, I have to use 3/4ths of the bunch of cilantro that I buy, but tonight….I only used 1/8th the amount that I would have used from the store-bought kind. WOW…what flavor! What a smell!! I’m still sniffing my fingers and I made the soup 7 hours ago!

So, I guess what I’m telling you is… if you like Cilantro (not everybody does…right Lisa!) then grow you’re own! It’s absolutely a sensory delight!!

Big smile
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2 Responses to Cilantro…homegrown…a sensory delight!

  1. ang says:

    i totally agree that homegrown herbs are better and i really need to get on that. i will have to do window boxes or something because of all the bunnies but i need to just do it. thanks for your reminder and i hope you enjoyed your yummy dinner.

  2. Victoria says:

    You’re welcome…anytime. Window boxes would be awesome at your house. You could grow all kinds of herbs! And you’ve got two handy guys to build the boxes for you! 😉

    Hope you had a good time on your day out (sans kiddos)!!

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